Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Brant new shiney F-15E had a burst tyre on landing...... crew got away with a couple of bust arms ahiners and dented egoes. Lucky sods!
  2. Very big oops! Apparently the WSO (rear seat baggage akin to a posh door gunner) had his arm severed but is now back flying! Good drills!
  3. Yet another example of why it's safer to stop then land rather than land then stop.
  4. Can it be coincidence that 'Jimmy the belt fed fisherman and sub hunter' lives near Lakenheath.

    Someone check the crew rota for that day
  5. I hear they were using Jimmy as the arrester gear. He also trashed a C17, a Galaxy and caused the USS Forrestal to divert to deeper water. :lol:

    One_of, got to agree with you there!
  6. That IS lucky - no Martin Barker let down either - impressive!


    Not always so - ask the Culdrose Merlin chappies (another lucky escape, say what).

  7. I used to work on Harrier and remember being told about the embarrassing occasions (infrequent thankfully) when the main landing gear has fallen off. Still, on Harrier you can still land as the nose and outriggers are stressed for this case - just VERY carefully.

    And just to show my spotter credentials I should point out that the F-15 has an ACES-II seat, which was a McDonnell Douglas design. Only the US Navy use MB seats (except in the AV-8B). Neep neep neep where's my anorak.
  8. Youd get on great with mdn, he is a real terry potter!! (usually find him at Paddington)

    I seem to remember the Boscome Harrier having a main gear failure, it sort of taxied back on its out riggers, got some phots of it somewhere!