Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by elnoddo, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. You would think they could have at least fitted some kind of fliptop locker door, maybe to keep your fags and lighter in he's got the space now.
  2. Not sure what's worse, that you said it or that I laughed.
  3. Both of you are going to hell!!!

    I laughed as well......see you there :lol:

  4. Poor sod.
  5. Think of the smuggling possibilities!!! Get a bit of a prosthetic flap and quite a bit of drugs could be stashed up there!

    You think he's going to be sent back to Iraq? 8O
  6. Probably be commissioned and transferred to Intelligence
  7. Going back to Irag are you mad.

    Of Course he bloody is who else will get the nutty bars in and be the company gimp.

    Fukc me that was cruel.

    Bless him, he's gonna have to get a hat.
  8. Jesus! A third of your brain eh. Thats like over a half of it gone man.
    Id just put a schrader valve on it and stencil 5 over my ear a bit like they do on Bedfords!
  9. Thats got me thinking what would you use the space for? A buttybox or maybe a battery pack for charging your mobile etc or would you just cover it up with some chicken wire and a bit of papier mache, the possibilities are endless.