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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 8chris4, May 6, 2010.

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  1. hey

    dont think i can go on my weekend 3 tommorow,was playing 5 aside fitbaw and got booted in the head today,i have a concussion and left eye is swollen quite bad :(,will this **** me up on these weekends? feel like pure shit :cry:
  2. Dunno mate but you might get a bit of a bollocking for having a swollen eye in uniform, but the phys could be interesting, crack on mate if you colapse then atleast you know whats expected of you, and if you get through it,chuffed 8)
  3. Errrr............... NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!
    You are more likely to get binned for being irresponsible if you don't tell them - if you have been diagnosed with concussion then do the right thing.
  4. Get yourself down there, give them a sit rep and be prepared for them to say take yourself home when you arrive at the TAC on Friday. Give it a crack of the whip if you can. Makes life easier for you if you stick with the same intake as you know everyone
  5. What part of queens regs is that in then? :lol:
  6. Advise them of your condition by telephone. If you're unfit to travel, tell them so. If you're fit to travel, they may allow you to attend.

    I take it that the concussion is a doctor's diagnosis, not your or you mum's estimation. Your GP should be able to tell you what you can and can't do. If you haven't already seen your GP and can't get an appointment, go to A&E - as a head injury, they won't mind you turning up unannounced, even hours after the incident.
  7. I know it's in that big shiney red book somewhere 8O
  8. Nah, just tell them that the other bloke's in hospital after making disparaging comments about the regiment. That usually gets you off.


    In fact tell them that the other three blokes are in hospital. You've got to make it credible.

    Another edit:

    You're not an Asian living in Barking, are you?
  9. was at the a@e they said it was a mild concusion,my vision is blurry but i think its cause my eye is swollen,see how a feel tommorow
  10. Can't be, nothing on news about suicide bombings
  11. I hope to god it's not a weapons w/end!!!!!!!!!! Stay away you nugget!!!!
  12. If you have had concussion I presume you'll not be Fit to Train.

    Think about the balance between brain injury and being backsquadded a bit...

    The RTC will most likely send you home, which would be a real pain in the derriere and a major waste of everyone's time.
  13. In one!

    Chris you're in the lucky position of being able to go on SC10, put it this way I know who you are and it would be extremely remiss of me to let you train don't you think?

    There is this new fit to work chit you get off of your doctor saying what you can and can't do, however these are civvy doctors and can only go on you telling them what sort of training you'll be doing at the TA.

    Err on the side of caution mate go on SC 10.