Ouch, thats got to hurt

From the BBC.

Protester dies under atomic train

A anti-nuclear protester has died after his leg was severed by a train carrying atomic waste from France to Germany.

The 23-year-old lay down on the track as the train passed near the town of Avricourt, eastern France.

The train had already been delayed for two hours while police cut free two other protesters who had chained themselves to a section of track.
The train was carrying nuclear waste being sent back to Germany after reprocessing in northern France.

Paramedics offered the protester emergency treatment and rushed him to hospital for surgery.

He died before reaching a nearby hospital, the Associated Press reported.

Too late to stop

The train driver tried to brake after seeing a group of people sitting on the tracks, a spokeswoman for French railway company SNCF told Reuters.

"Some of them got up. He pulled the emergency brake, but one of the people remained sitting, and one of his legs was cut off and he has died," she said.

Earlier in the day another group of protesters delayed the train's journey for around two hours.

Two activists from the Sortir du Nucleaire (Out of Nuclear) group chained themselves to the tracks at Laneuveville-devant-Nancy, forcing the train to stop while police removed them.

Unpopular cargo

The train set off on Saturday from the La Hague reprocessing plant in Valognes, north-western France, on its journey to the German town of Dannenberg.

From Dannenberg the trains' 12 containers - holding 175 metric tons of atomic waste - are due to be shipped to a nearby dump at Gorleben, 12km away.

The French protests followed a protest by 4,500 people at the Gorleben site in Saturday.

German anti-nuclear campaigners have long claimed the reprocessed nuclear waste is unsafe.

Under agreements with Britain and France, Germany sends nuclear waste for reprocessing in both countries but is obliged to take back the resulting waste.
Dumb sh1t. :roll:


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These tree hugging, tofu munching farks have got to realise that nuclear power is the way forward, with the new pebble bed reactors which are inherently safe & can't melt down.

So, these bar stewards want out of nuclear? Let's look at the options, from their perspective:

Coal, oil, gas - eeeuw! Fossil fuels, depleating Mother Earth, it'll all run out, not "sustainable", Kyoto, CO2 emissions etc...
Tidal - Destruction of natural habitats
Hydro - as tidal
Wind - kills lots of pretty birdies
Wave - what about all the migratory animals affected?
Solar - in the UK, right?
Geothermal - likewise...

What about from a scientific perspective?

Coal, oil, gas - not a good long term prospect; we've got better things to do with oil than burn it.
Tidal - a possiblility, but cost may prohibit it
Wave - not consistent, and cost may be prohibitive
Wind - not consistent, surprisingly expensive
Solar - Solar panels still need more energy to be produced than they will produce in their service life. Plus, britain is a cloudy, foggy little island...
Nuclear - Almost unlimited supply of fuel, produces small quantities of really narsty waste (one golf ball sized lump for every person if all their electricity needs throughout their life were produced by nuclear fission as opposed to several thousand tonnes of CO2 & SO2 from fossil fuels), probably the best long-term option.

Apologies for injecting science into what could have turned into a Nuke/Tofu flamewar...
Stoat man do you work for mr burns?
nuclear power has been promising cheap clean safe electricity since before i was born delivered exspensive power .dodgy saftey records and appaling accidents and no good way of getting rid of waste du rounds are not a great idea :) .hey would how you can accuse tidal wave and wind of being exspensive compared to nuclear i have no idea if we didnt get nuclear weapons from the reactors they would have been scrapped
nuclear reactors are the sa80 of electricity generation it might work now but noone really wants them :lol:

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