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More of our money about to be wasted when a few moments of care should have taken care of the situation ensuring the safety of all concerned. I'm surprised they havent been prosecuted under H&S law for this!

before all the plod lover jump on the "Dont the Army have ND's" bandwagon take a long and hard look at what should be happening with training and does this transfer to weapon handling out in public?
Of course he didnt know it was loaded, he obviously failed to carry out the most billy basic safety precautions. Begs the questions "who loaded it?" "why was ammunition even present?"...fcuking shocking...
"The bullet had miraculously missed all vital organs and passed through his body. Although still employed by the police Mr Tilbury has not returned to work. PC Micklethwaite said he had no idea the handgun was loaded with live ammunition. He was not charged following the shooting but has been taken off firearms duties. A second official also told an investigation he believed the weapon was unloaded."

Ugly, what does the nice man mean when he says "he had no idea the handgun was loaded"? And how does a twenty-pound d/a trigger-pull just "suddenly go off"?
NSPs ?
Did he stand up and say "do you feel lucky punk" ?


Worrying isnt it, it seems that causing injury with a firearm isnt an offence if you are a plod and even less so if you are trained in firearms duties. Now in the light of the weapons shipped to a Granny by mistake it seems that the Police suppliers of section 5 weapons are also exempt the law. Anyone else has to use a special courier and pay through the nose!
Yes the trigger pull did occur to me and yes we have all picked up a weapon at some time and not carried out NSPs for various reasons (I can name several legitimate ones)., but to shoot yourself is negligent, to shoot a student is surely criminal. I know that if I did something stupidly similar I would be earning a stripey suntan!
That is quite staggering. What kind of sign-out and inspection drills do they have for weapons, for God's sake? Perhaps because I'm British, I've always felt a trifle uneasy abroad about cops with guns.....not as irrationally as you might think. Back in 79 when the Baeder Meinhoff gang was still heavily on the minds of our boxhead pals I was in Stuttgart airport and saw an 18 or so year-old toting a machine-pistol and did wonder if a Munich-style crisis erupted how many innocents he would waste. On another occasion I was in Vienna and asked for directions from the police guard outside the Turkish embassy. The bloke, also toting a high rpm, was about 60, and had to fish into his pocket for a pair of milkbottle bottom specs to read my map. I felt sincerely sorry for him and hoped the PKK wouldn't come calling when he was on duty. In Slovakia the police are a magnet for psychotics and failures, they're all armed and deaths are not infrequent, but the law protects the responsible. I thought we were much better, but this story is a sure sign we are on a slippery slope.
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