Ouch, Achy Breaky Blisters! (CFT)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bikini_Black, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. My Unit is putting in a whole load of pre-emptive training regarding the forthcoming "enhancements" to the TA CFT requirement.

    So, we hit the road last night, fully laden, and in the mandatory BCH.

    Got back to TAC, and I must say, I was not looking forward to taking my boots off, so I kept them on 'til I got home.

    TA-DAA, gopping pus-bags on each heel, and also on little toes.

    Fortunately, all blistering was intact, and as of this morning seem to be somewhat on the mend.

    I made the mistake of wearing 2 pairs of socks, 1 x Bridgedale coolmax under, with Issue socks over. I've used bridgedale socks for years, but the combo made my feet sweat more than usual, and made the fit a little tighter.

    I know I can expect to get blisters with unprepared feet, and frankly I was wanting to just see what would happen.

    What advice can you give regarding foot/sock/boots preparations, including all your suggestions for Zinc-Oxide tape, powdering etc...

    Thanks in advance,

  2. And yes..we did the full 8!
  3. zinc oxide varies a lot. Some of it just doesn't stick at all, some of it you almost can't get off. You want the stuff you can't get off. I used to buy really wide stuff from a pharmacy that seemed to be for hospital use, and it was like superglue.
  4. Unless you're used to walking, I'd steer clear of hardening the skin with meths or surgical spirit. It only works up to the point you get a blister then the skin layers separate far deeper and you get a really painful and easily infected wound.

    Get the really sticky surgical tape, wash your feet and leave them bare to air-dry before you apply the tape. Make sure it goes on smoothly with no wrinkles or bubbles, then powder your feet over the top.

    A dab of vaseline between the toes helps as well.
  5. I would swear by ZOT - my feet were always prone to blisters until I discovered the tape and double skin socks. The key is to ensure (1) that you put your socks on carefully to stop the tape rolling up at the edges and (2) you don't put it on too tightly around your toes. Once you know where all your hot spots are (and I guess you do now!) then just tape 'em up carefully every time and you'll be fine.
  6. Could always experiement with the socks and that too. Thick/thin or medium/medium.

    Make sure your boots are worn in (obvious), try sorbathanes, and look at how you lace tehm up.

    Incidentaly, why does your unit not allow you to wear non-issue boots?
  7. Sorry Chocolate Frog,

    BCH = Boots Combat High = standard issue boots.

    I'm sure the spackronym is correct.
  8. Hopefully that was a class WAH by the frog?
  9. Oh dear god.

    Say i've not suffered my first public WAHing.

  10. And after only 48 posts..........loser!
  11. IME, Compeed is not as adhesive as Scholl Moleskin.
  12. BTW CAB not BCH!!