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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by gobbyidiot, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. I think a lot of the Masters programs promise the result by Friday. I just got mine - thank f*** I passed. The whole process is bloody drawn out though - hand in a dissertation in September, get the result in December and graduation is in the Summer!

    Still, remember that song,

    "I'm glad it's all over
    I'm glad it's all over".

    My advice - stay away from Masters Education (ie, educational theory) courses. I'd rather eat my own liver than go through that again. Writing a dissertation on something you are interested in is a lot better. Most programs you can get at least some of your points from something less hellish than the core.
  2. Well done Gobby :)
  3. Well done Gobby. You now have lots more time to think about the economy going down the pan!

  4. Cheers. But don't get me started on credit transfer...............a million rules to guarantee that you ain't getting any. I won't waggle my credentials around (ooo er missus), but if I had gone anywhere else it would have been, "What's your favourite colour and how many times have you taken a dump since devolution?", pay the dosh, have the degree. The OU gave me nothing by way of transfer.
  5. well done gobby, i just got my results from summer school in Durham, yes it is a long wait, but if you get the grade you want its not that long!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I submit my dissertation tomorrow :)

    Results in Feb.
  7. I reckon the schedule means that you can narrow down your results to either total disaster or success quite early on. The timetable obviously allows time for resubmission of marginal stuff with everyone getting their results at the same time, so if you don't get a resubmit it must either be pass or total disaster.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well done!

    I note that the Ou has changed the time of electronic submissions. Used to be by midnight on cut-off day, now is 12 noon. B'stards. I used to be able to do a whole module between 6pm and midnight!
  9. Mine was midnight GMT. Fortunately I'm currently somewhere east of UK so I had a few extra hours. Winner!
  10. Some are still midnight, I've been nearly caught out a couple of times by it - definitely a good idea to make friends with the tutor though. :oops:
  11. Firstly, congratulations to those who have passed their OU course!

    As for the delay in receiving final year results, I can’t speak for every OU course, but the one I teach on has the following primary procedures before results are released to students and most other courses are likely to be the same.

    The work is sent to the first markers with a turn around time of about three or four weeks. The work is then passed to second markers, with a turn around time of about two weeks. Following this the work is then sample marked by course leaders and external assessors, which also takes a few weeks.

    An academic board sits to ratify the results and make decisions on mitigating circumstances, borderline cases and in some cases degree classifications and awards. The board’s results are passed “upwards” for final hand off. Finally, the results are released to course tutors for verification a few days before being released to students.

    It’s undoubtedly a long and frustrating process but most markers are also full-time university lecturers and so time needs to be given to them to fit marking around their other commitments. It also means that student work is given a great deal of scrutiny along the way.
  12. I remember my mate Karl (you know who you are) phoning from work to say our results envelopes were in (a few years back this when we were in Cyprus) and said he'd drop by with mine after his duty op shift. Stupid sod did the shredding with envelopes in hand and shredded mine!

    He phoned the OU who - once they had stopped laughing - sent another set out to me! Cost him a crate.

    It never stops-I am working on an MA essay as we speak-ho hum
  13. Got my OU MBA confirmed a fortnight ago - now thinking I might do a foreign language...
  14. My one rule has always been, avoid anything numerical and languages like the plague - no room for bluffing. My pal tried to finish his ten year degree by taking astronomy. He vaguely thought it had something to do with Capricorn in Youranus, when of course it was just hard sums squared. Another mate suffered like a dog to get a postgrad in Russian. Having said that, the world doesn't half punish bluffer qualifications - apparently a degree in Fine Art can lower your lifetime earnings.
  15. Well, degrees in Fine Art are generally the preserve of those who don't have to worry about lifetime earnings. :D

    I don't mind a non-bluffing degree. I might polish up my French using those tapes you listen to whilst asleep and subliminally educate myself - Voila!

    I'm only doing it for the post nominals. I'm BAMBA at the moment; an MA would give me a whole range of options, MABAMBA, etc. I could become one of those Nigerians that emails you with the offer of millions...