OU exams on Ops

OK Im off to the stan in Aug the problem is Im half way though my last level 3 course and will graduate next year.However, what provision is there in theatre if at all any,to sit a 3 hour paper for my finals.which is scheduled for 19 Oct 06 :?
Don't know for those particulat circumstances but OU usually quite accomodating (as you probably know assuming you've been at it a few years now). Simple answer is I suppose start making noises now, the longer you have to get something like this jacked up the more likely it is to happen, suppose the problem will be invigilation, but there are usually way around that don't suppose for one minute there are going to be a surfit of education types in the stan but maybe a legal chap, your OC or a senior RMP bod could witness that all was above board (just a thought that might get the ball rolling)

Gradutated OU 2003 hard work but really enjoyed it.

Hope some of that may be of assistance

In the past I knew a chap doing an OU exam in NI. His OC was the the invigilator. It was very simply done as far as I remember, just a couple of forms to be filled in and if the OU accept the nomine as someone suitable the had to sign a few forms saying that it was all done above board etc.

I suggest first port of call should be local ETS staff. I am sure they have come accross this thing before, or if not they will know who to speak to.
I dont know about OU, but I was with University of Salford and managed to sit exams all over the place. The tutors were extrememly accommodating and with enough notice and a responsible officer to invigulate it was no problem
When I was doing my degree I only ever sat one exam in a UK based centre. If there is a military infrastructure - no matter how basic - and you have a BFPO address the OU will accommodate you.

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