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Ok, just coming to the end of my first year of OU. Before I sign up for my next module, how practical is it to continue my studies in Afghan.

I will be mostly in a PB of some sort, anyone have any experience. How does the eTMA system work out in theatre etc.? I admit I haven't phoned the forces support line yet, just want to get a heads up.

I never had a problem tbh. The thing to check is whether you will be able to get your own kit online (often unlikely) or whether you use deployed welfare kit, in which case you are reliant on being able to insert a CD or memory stick. That's the thing to check and you may find that ETS staff can help you out.

What you do need is discipline to plan ahead as if you aren't based in a location with internet you have to plan to submit the eTMA when you are.
Thanks VM, I was thinking maybe sticking any essays on a CD and then any helo that goes back to Bastion, giving it to someone to drop off at the education centre. But it requires a certain amount of trust I suppose. Like you said it's about time management, and planning ahead.

What's your thoughts about the signals IT gurus that normally work in BG ops room. Perhaps they have the means of emailing anywork back to Bastion
TMAs not a problem.

You can speak to your tutor and explain where you are. They can give you leeway, and it isn't unlikely that you could get your boss to sign a little note saying 'this TMA was sealed on xx of xx 2011'. Obviously the time taken to return the TMA isn't in your control.

CMAs are a bit more problematic. But you can do them and get a trusted reletive to tike the a, b, c, d, e, f boxes. I have had my wife do it before now on ex with a text message ie 1. a, 2. a,b,c etc. CMAs don't usually have any leeway of time, but maybe if you handed in the answers on paper (pt3 is it?) there could be someway around it, if the OU knew your circumstances.

the new iECAs where you have to type in answers that are somehow marked by the computer is a bit more problematic as are any ECAs as they are deadlined and the bots/examiners don't have any leeway. You'd have to make sure any ECA was submitted well in advance, likewise any iECAs.

The ETS may have some way of helping, or ask a trusted reletive that isn't mince.

If I was your signals wallah I'd be glad to help (as a fellow sesame reader) but I ain't there (thank fcuk).
Hi Kybosh,

I completed a few eTMAs during Herrick last year, and it was a pretty simple process (from a Yank PB). If you think you might have a problem with submitting TMAs once you get out there, put in a Special Circumstances form, they're usually pretty understanding about it. As far as I know, the only one there's not much wiggle-room on is the last TMA. We had comms difficulties for a week or so, and I ended up emailing from ISAF Secret to DII(F) in the UK, where a mate of mine printed it off and mailed it in. As you said, it's all about forward planning, as much as you can do out there anyway.

Best of luck!

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