OU degree with no relavance to my trade

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by VanishingPoint, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Is it possible to use SLC's for an OU degree that is not relevant to my trade in the army. I am currently in a technical trade but want to do a degree in history but from what I understand to get SLC's for an OU degree you have to be able to justify how the degree would enhance your army career. Is this true? Thanks for any replies.
  2. I don't know too much about SLCs, I'm currently using my ELC to fund my OU degree. But, someone did pass on a duty rumour that you can use it for ANYTHING you want. It's about your choices, not the military.

    I know it's not much help, but try asking your local ETS :)
  3. Both SLC and ELC can be used towards funding any course, so long as the course leads to a recognised qualification. It's all about the Army's aim for life long learning. Basically SLC is for qualifications roughly equivalent to GCSE and ELC for those equating to A Level and above, although these rules are a bit flexible. A couple of rules that might come into play in your case are that you can't use both for the same course and that the course of study has to be approved in advance - not sure how this works in practice with ongoing courses like OU.

    If you are on ArmyNet, look up 2008DIN07-103 for SLC and 2008DIN07-104 for ELC for more details and the precise rules. Under these your OU course, even though not trade-related, appears to qualify without any issue. If you aren't on ArmyNet drop me a pm with your email address and I will email them to you.
  4. As always-further details from your local Education Centre (particularly for the signatures you need for the forms)
  5. You can use your SLC for most things (except second vehicle licences), I used one of mine for a diploma in pet care, although while youre not in resettlement it has to be in the needs of the service.
  6. This is flexible-I have always taken the opinion when authorising SLCs that personal development of (almost) any type is in the benefit of the Service, but you might have to convince the person signing that your particular choice is suitable
  7. SLCs are yours to use for whatever you want, all depends on getting the signatures on the forms. Be aware that SLCs are only £175 per year and the average OU course is around £500. If you stay in long enough you could also apply for these:


    You'll probably be Cpl by then so good for later career development.
  8. A 10 point course is about £185 (study over 10 weeks)
    A 30 point course (over 8 months - generally Feb - Oct) £360
    A 60 point course (also 8 months just twice the work load) £630
    You need 360 points for an honours degree (At least 120 @ lvl 3 and a further 120@ level 2 or higher)- you may have some prior credit dependent on your existing qualifications/trade.
  9. 360 points as mput out would get you an honours degree. 120 at level 1 (1st year at Uni) 120 at level 2 and 120 at level 3 (years 2 and 3 respectively).

    300 points (with 180 points above level 1) gets you a degree.

    Look at the OU site, you will also find various Certificats and Diplomas for various courses.

    You can either take a "named" degree. ie you pick the degree, and then select the courses from the list of courses assigned to that degree...

    or you have an Open degree... where basically you pick and mix whatever takes your fancy. You could easily run (for example) a psycology course alongside an art course for example...

    More here

    Go for it, and good luck. it is a long slog.

    Once you have one degree, it is easy to get a second too. as most of the first level is really just getting in to the groove of education again.
  10. It might not be directly relevant to your trade but history will broaden your mind and add to your intellectual development and continuing professional development. That's got to be a good thing in anyone's book.
  11. Much clearer than my wibbling. :D

    Only 30 points to go to get my general degree .. assuming I pass the Number Theory exam next month. :boogie:
  12. Due to the powers that be being a bit more stringent when auditing SLCs no-a-days, youll find that unless you can come up with a good reason for doing a course thats bugger all use to the service it probably wont get signed by the bod who signs the educational part, I know of several IEROs who will refuse to sign unless its spot on.
  13. I wanted to use it to do a PADI course but they've told me unless it's in the big blue book of qualifications (cannot remember the title of it), I cannot use my SLC's for it.

    Filbert, I don't suppose you know anyone who has used SLC's to pay for a diving course? If so, how do you go about wording it? I only want to do my Advanced Open Water course but my local Education Centre (being next to useless to be perfectly honest) are adamant that I cannot claim unless I'm going down the Divemaster route.
  14. You could try for the BSAC diving courses rather than PAy'n'DIe courses
  15. you can use it as long as its an instructor qualification. Same as you cant use it for the Basic Golf skills course but you can use it for an instructor qual.

    I recently had a lad go do the PADI instructor course, got signed off no probs.