OU Credit for Chicksands Language Courses

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Okay, following on from the numerous other threads with moaning linguists :) i have researched the following for you old dinosaurs who did the course a few years ago.

    the below courses (and equivalent courses for Spanish) get you a total of 75 points towards an Open University degree.

    click on "RAF" on this link:

    question for NTTT (or anyone else in a position to answer):

    how hard is it for the Corps to get OU accreditation for our language courses? 75 points towards a degree (level 1, 2 or 3 depending on level) might not be a massive amount, but it could mean a year less study and one less module (£525 to £935).

    in these days of disgruntled linguists and language pay that only about 3 people qualify for, perhaps this is a low-cost incentive that might improve their morale a little? bless 'em ;)
  2. Or to take things a little further NTTT, how difficult would it be for the Corps to ensure that all the lings who complete up to 2 years on an interpretership do so with an MA in International Relations if that qualification is supported by their respective language?
  3. At least there is one service that has always looked after their linguists.

    Also provided the best interactive classroom, .....
    ......and .............a supply of decent coffee. at DISC and ......a doctrine that does not separate I from STAR...............and .............
    and at no extra cost .................a focus for the pent up frustration :pissedoff: of all those slimey lightside sprogs.....

    Why so frustrated? you dont have a whinge thread anywhere near the size of the Dark side
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  9. CR and Perevodcik,

    Many thanks - your questions will be asked in the relevent corridor of power.

    (Adastra must wonder why s/he is 'so ronely').

  10. I have no doubts about my sexuality, few mood swings and outbursts of temper here. So you think that I'm the one who is angry :pissedoff: because they are holding something back?

    I was merely endorsing the best-practice that CR had identified in respect of language training, yet, it becomes another, predictable ad hominem rant. ( perhaps best confined to a more appropriate thread? )

    ronely because I can't join in the largest collective whinge in history; on the OPMI (L) short-straw thread perhaps??

    Anyway, back on topic, I think that was an excellent suggestion by my Brevet-wearing colleague, CR :applaud:
  11. oh god, now he's taking my side.

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