Ottowa Treaty

The British Army used to be able to clear areas of insurgents with a system of minefield barriers to protect their backs & prevent enemy re-supply.Since we signed up to the Treaty,I don't think we are allowed to do this anymore,which is one of the reasons,IMHO,why the Taliban seem to be able to do just about what they like.Also,they & some of their possible backers/suppliers havn't signed up so supply of mines etc not a problem.Georgia havn't signed-can they send some Sappers?
I know-my nickname is appropriate,I'm a dinosaur,WTF do I know etc.,but just thought I'd throw something in the pot :slow: :wink:
I did my B3 in the pre-treaty era and when you consider that one of our blokes thought the best way to lay an elsie was to 'stamp it into the ground', it's probably for the best that they banned them! :wink:
Scatterable sweeties for victim-initiated IEDs/mines, scatterable porn for command-detonated IEDs/mines. Scatterable Blu-ray porn and players with homing beacons to locate Bin Laden and associates.

Can't you think of anything for yourselves?

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