Discussion in 'ACF' started by Nutter, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Just thought id share that with you all, although to anyone else going the long term weather is it shouldnt rain too much.

    *Nutter goes back to building his ark, yeah right*
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    What's wrong with Otterburn? Place is fine, especially for an ACF camp. Weather is crap where ever you go, get use to it!
  3. And watch out for the midgies. They bite like fcuk.
  4. Am scratching as I read this. Best way to compare midge city is like having someone rip a teabag and flick the contents in your face
  5. Whats the camp like, REALLY like, training facilities, accommodation, NAFFI, ranges and of course the quality of the cookhouse meals.

    may be going there.
  6. Try googling Otterburn DTE you bone idle wretch.
  7. Stay off the moores, stay on the roads and don't drink on The Slaughtered Cadet public house.
  8. Its Butlins..........take yer speedo's for the outdoor swimming pool.
  9. But make sure that the first S doesn't fall off your swimming trunks or you'll scare the other cadets.
  10. Stop it the Long Haired General thinks I have gone mad laughing at my PC! Wibble.
  11. so its just a bog standard Battle Camp then :D I sooner stick to my rations and bivis

    I heard all the (s)peedo jokes before, keep them coming.....................
  12. home of the hill bog :twisted:
    hills hate them
    bogs hate them
    only otterburn has hillsides of bog :twisted:
  13. Just had a weekend doing survival stuff with cadets we had about an hour of rain over night,bit of a trek to get there,(but not as long as it took in a 4 tonner when I was in the TA) Top area and camp
  14. I did my first Aircrew survival in Otterburn ended up in Hexham A & E and then sent to Catterick RAMC Hospital in a blood wagon. Got a horrible beasting by some nasty Geordie TA chaps with big dogs. Pepper does not put the wee bastards off the trail.