Otterburn ATE

Discussion in 'ACF' started by jimmyquadrophenia, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Got Annual at Otterburn ATE, leave tommorow. Anything I should be weary of besides the aircraft and missiles going over my head!
  2. Predatory adult instructors.
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  3. Predatory 13 year olds.
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  4. Midges

    And the dodgy naafi workers.
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  5. 'Roaming' phone signal no matter what network
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  6. They're not midgies........Gareloch Head, now they're midgies!
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  7. Jimmy 'Slasher' McSweeney. Local, hates Cadets, has own machete.
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  8. Sounds like a good target.
  9. Thanks for that, i've shit a few from my county up by quoting that on our facebook page. : D
  10. 30mm cannons falling off Apaches....
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  11. What's the Accomadation like?
  12. I think there is more than one accomodation site at Otterburn.

    The one I went to in the early 90's was portacabins.
  13. Yes the local pub the derby arms has closed

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  14. Haha mong. The Percy

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  15. Take plenty of mossie spray, they are truly evil and should you venture into the village beware of a creature known as "Mad Ange" who used to haunt the Percy arms in the village but has probably taken to drinking cider and eating the food soaked napkins at home now that it's shut.
    Oh some decent waterproofs too. Otterburn has it's own micro climate.