Same or very similar items sold in the UK under the "Peli" name, usually found in photographic shops. I have one that I keep my mobile in when out with a bergan playing soldiers.
I bought something very similar many years ago. I can't remember where I got it from but doubt that I would have paid more than a couple of quid for it. After all, it's just a plastic box with a rubber seal and a tight-fitting catch. Mine also has a neck strap.

If you look at the Otterbox advert for the 8000 series:
The OtterBox 8000

Waterproof, crushproof and they float. Protect valuables from the elements.
The 8000 series is great for storing small digital cameras, cell phones, GPS, and sunglasses. It also has a great belt clip for added convenience.

OtterBox is the world leader in water-proof protection. You'll see why our slogan is "Never Out of Its Element."
The internal dimensions of 2"x3"x5 1/2" seem a little small for sunglasses.
£20 quid bit exspensive for something too stop your choclate bars getting squished .pack semi breakable things on you or in lid pockets
then you cant sit on them .And a simple plastic bags keeps most things dry . Dont get me wrong looks great but I just cant see the point in me buying one (and i love buying useless bits of kit )
I reckon you would see the point in buying one if you spent a week or two somewhere really wet (Brecon, kayaking/rafting, jungle etc), plus these things are almost unbreakable, cannot be compared to a plastic bag or a tupperware box.

If you've got something like a Sat-phone it's worth paying $20 (note prices on that website are in $) to protect it and some nil-value items become useless when wet - puritabs, fags, med kit items like band-aids and an array of tablets.

Also look at the 'zippo-case' - can any MOVCON types comment on whether this would be acceptable on an RAF flight ? Any flight over US airspace now and you'll have your lighter taken off you, this case supposedly lets you pack it into hold baggage.

Bearing in mind what we do for a living, what is the likelihood of getting wet whilst doing it and how often do we sit on our webbing/bergen ?

I've noticed thebunkerdirect sell a similar one, but only in one size.


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Damn, I thought youse were talking about these otterboxes.

Goose_Rider said:
Not a new piece of kit, they've been sold in diving shops for a long time, perfect for fags, med kit, flannelette patches, puritabs, spare batteries, etc. How many times have you sat on your webbing/bergen and then wished you hadn't ?!

How about those nice chaps in the Arrse shop getting some in ?
Thats funny i thought that it was the new army slang for z type accomodation, i.e ;

Brand new crow + single man en-suite room = otterbox

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