Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by drilller, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. Christ sake, is it me or is this years Lothain and borders annual camp been the mother of all fek ups?

    I have been down there for the first week and i couldn't believe how lax it was. not just that but the red book seamed to be running the show. what does it matter if it is so hot, as long as the cadets have water constantsly going into them they will be ok.

    fcuk annual camps in the future likes, so far i'm concideringt leaving the army cadets as it all seams to be a waste of time.

    not only that but how can a grown man be expected to live on
    1 baken
    and 19 beans?

    please feel free to re4ply
  2. Your knowledge of heat casualty prevention is quite remarkable. You should be Commander Med. in Basra...

    How can a grown man write like an illiterate zombie, even on such allegedly meagre breakfasts?? Why did you count the beans?
  3. Driller,

    Unfortunately, in the current legal minefield we live in you have to be especially careful to follow the red book. It is also commonsense that if it is hot weather, you stand over the cadets and make them drink on command - if you don't, some of them won't bother and will end in the med centre.

    For someone who spent a week at camp, I'm surprised it didn't notice it was 'Otterburn' instead of 'Ottaburn'.

    We work at Otterburn a lot and have had no complaints with the catering. If you had any complaints you should have raised them at the time because I know Landmarc, who have the camp catering contract, will try and resolve any problems ASAP.
  4. You think its bad now you should have been there in '89

    Whats that ??

    Oh , you weren't born then were you

    Stupid boy
  5. What sodheco have been booted out of otterburn? was there last year horrible food and not enough of it .
  6. It was even more hilarious in mid 70's!!!
  7. Yep, it's just you. FFS no camp ever runs 100% smoothly & as previously pointed out it's an even bigger minefield when kids are involved. I was there the first week too and have seen camps with an awful lot less organisation and an awful lot more hassle. Stop whinging like a spoiled brat & get over it - after all I've NEVER seen weather like that at Otterburn before, the weather was as good or not better than Weymouth.

    Then again you'd probably be whinging just as much if the weather had been typical for Otterburn.... I can just imagine it .... "Oh no, the cadets are at risk from frost bite/exposure - sod it, just make them wear 2 pairs of socks and their gloves!"
  8. Yeah Woody, Sodexho no longer. I think they lost the contract about 2 years ago now. I can testify that Landmarc food isn't as good as Sodexho's, but it is still okay most of the time.

    I must say, I think it is bad form Driller to air your grievances with your County in public - especially when you have identified which County that is! I know it has been very very hot in Northumberland in the past week, so I completely understand why your camp has been at a slower pace.
  9. driller,

    Yes, the Red Book DOES "run the show" not just for the sake of the Cadets themselves but also for the protection of the Adult Instructors.

    "Dear Mummy and Daddy of Cadet Bloggs, sorry we sent him back all burnt and crisp, sorry he had to be hospitalized and sorry he is suffering from skin cancer but AI driller said it would be okay........."

    Water Intake levels are of course vital. You quite rightly assert that we should keep putting water into the Cadets. We have COMPULSORY water breaks for that reason. Problem is old chap that no matter how hydrated a Cadet is the sun still likes to burn his or her skin and give them a nasty headache due to sun stroke. Yes, even with "beanie" hats, yes, even with "covered necks" and what about the nasty issue of skin cancer? There are lots of reasons for stopping training. Not least of which is that even adults wilt after prolonged exposure to the sun day in day out. Small people are even more prone to "feeling poorly miss" so there we are.

    Food. Bean counting is the sure sign of skip licker. Stop whinging about it and go to nearest shop for goodies. Bellingham has plenty as I recall. Otterburn itself even has a shop. In the event that you cannot get to a shop then STARVE and be an adult about it.

    Sometimes we have to do the unpopular, sometimes we have to put up with crap, sometimes we disagree with our leaders but hey, that is part of the job is it not?

    Leaving the ACF? well, if you like, see you then, bye.
  10. can i just make this 100% clear i didn't actually count the amount of beans, i heard that the adults were ament to getr that much in practise admitedly it was more like half a can 2 of everything.

    i'm not disagreeing with the fact the red book is a good thing to keep AIs safe but i'm saying that it is a complete and utter waste of time.

    for example
    Cadets under the age of should not be out past 26deg.C
    cadets older than cannot be out past 27deg.C

    I am only, so unhappy with the weather because we had to go by the red book. I know for a fact that two cadets went running off their own back on Monday evening in 27+ and nobody tried to stop them.

    As for tipical Otterburn weather I would have loved it to have been pishing it down and all that as we may have actually got some training done.

    Burnt cadets???

    so that is why they were all made to apply sunblock atleast 6 times a day.

    Quick Question:
    Is sun str5oke not caused by the lack of sun protection and a lack of water :?:

    not intending to come over smart as i know it is probably wrong it is a honnest question
  11. driller - points taken but:

    Why is Red Book a waste of time?

    No matter how much sun block cadets apply, no matter how much water they drink they still get knackered by heat.

    quick quote from medics:

    "heatstroke" and "sunstroke," occur when your body can't keep itself cool. As the air temperature rises, your body stays cool when your sweat evaporates. On hot, humid days, the evaporation of sweat is slowed by the increased moisture in the air. When sweating isn't enough to cool your body, your body temperature rises, and you may become ill.

    Note that therefore if you overheat it matters not a jot how much water you have drunk or how liberally you smothered yourself in sun protection.

    Ref food - someone telling you that you are supposed to get 19 beans is taking the mick old chap.

    Perhaps your County should have spoken to God and booked cooler weather?
  12. It's ok old chap - you don't.

    3 choices:

    1. Change it.
    2. Live with it.
    3. Leave.
  13. you think that "if it's not raining, it's not training"? The bloke next to you had 21 beans...I counted them and he had an extra toast.
  14. If your Cadets cant handle a bit of sun then they should join the NAVY.
  15. At least if you leave the cadets you'll be able to concentrate on your childcare and CP/Bodyguard work eh Driller ;)