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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Santa_Sunday, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Presumably you have all completed your decision making process and made your choice.....Stay in AFP075 or jump onto the new pension scheme.

    A word of warning though - after much deliberation, I decided to stay on AFP075 and sent off the paperwork accordingly. I was surprised, therefore, to receive a letter confirming my switch to AFP05 as of 06 April this year.

    When I called the number on the letter to explain that I had elected to remain on AFP075, I was told that if I had made a mistake on the election form then I would have to put up a letter of representation to be switched back to AFP075 - with no guarantee of success as I had made a mistake.

    2 hours later I was called back to be told that there had been a mistake at their end and that they had inputted my details incorrectly. They immediately changed me back to AFP075.

    2 points here.

    1. If I had made a mistake (which I didn't) then there was the very real possibility that I would be penalised financially for the rest of my life. If they make a mistake, then it is rectified IMMEDIATLEY on the strength of a phone call. No apologies offered.

    2. I would advise all those who have had to make the election to check that you have been placed into the pension scheme requested. I don't believe for one moment that I am the only person who this has happened to.

  2. I filled out the necessary form and sent it off through my hyper-efficient Admin Office only to recieve a letter last week telling me that, as they hadn't received my form, I would be staying on the old scheme by default!

    Luckily this is what I had chosen anyway but the system isn't filling me with confidence... :(
  3. sent mine off months ago & have had nothing back at all so i hope i am the same as above & by default remain on the old system, fingers crossed.
  4. Thankyou.
  5. Apologies.

    Fair enough............ ...I didn't realise that a thread alreday existed..

    Still.... It's an important issue.
  6. I got my letter telling me I was on the old scheme yesterday. Which was great as when I read the bit about if you dont send in to tell us what you want you stay put, I just ignored any other letters........

    You would have been able to hear me ranting on Mars if they had changed me over!