OTT and Non Reckonable Service

Anyone else done/got this?

Just got my OTT and was surprised to see that when I get out I will have done about a month less than 22 yrs,which obviously affects the final payment ( no it's not jail time). Spoke to RAO who claims this is quite normal and happens to everyone who joined over 18 and I should get a letter from manning and records asking me to stay on for the extra time, but what if I don't? Seems to me quite a lot of money could be saved by MOD if they don't give me (or anyone else) the extra days. Have told him he won't be getting my election form back until I get said letter from records and my pension information on the back reflects this, so I can actually make an informed choice. You would think that after serving 22 years they would actually do the decent thing and acknowledge the time put in, instead of coming up with a get-out clause, cheeky basta*ds.
You should get another Personal Benefits Statement (PBS) showing your pensions at the 22 year point in late Oct this year (but keep your present PBS for some of the details). You have until mid Jan 07 to make your decision.
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