OTIS vs Spyglass

Apart from the weight difference and the fact Spyglass doesn't have an Electronic Angulation Head why the hell can't OP Parties be issued Spyglass ?
surely a bit of kit that is more compact, more reliable and more user friendly (with exception of angulation head) would make cost a justifiable variable.
I believe that OTIS was procured long before SPYGLASS so would therefore have been included on original Unit Equipment Tables. As the cost of replacing OTIS is prohibitive (until it approaches the end of it's expected life) it would be unreasonable to expect a one for one swop. Besides, you'd only break them anyway ;)
Fair one... what is the predicted end of service date for OTIS then ?

The striking eighties video camera looks of the TI is reason enough... well maybe not but the weight including field handling containers surely is compared with spyglass.
Was issued spyglass after the NOD (top bit of kit !) was withdrawn, had it for Belize tour 89, Othis wasnt issued to 7ths ops till at least 95?. Always a toss up but you can easily and realistically manpack the spyglass, OTHIS and Mstar although the boffins at the school reckoned it could be manpacked were invited to do some realistic manpacks with it ie not round the ICFT circuit and declined.

The kit issued to parties should reflect on who and what there supporting and how they are transported. This makes things a lot easier for spares and repairs not to mention charging airbottles and btys!
Sod that fellas Lion or Sophie sights, LH40 c's and spugger....Job Done
Lion or Sophie sights, LH40 c's and spugger
After my time mucker but no doubt plenty of titbits and buzz words for the walts out there!

Got hands on some of THALES 3rd generation and new stuff that is small and so practical but V expensive so the only look in we will have is when some enemy is ogglin us! :x
Is that the one that costs 250k comes in black and which when holding I caused a sergeant to crap himself as I temporarily lost control of the item?
NOD was a good bit of kit apart from the fact that in its container it was the size of a small house and weighed almost as much, and when it was being operated due to its huge front lens it could give your position away, as long as the batteries lasted anyway :roll: :lol:
Lion and sophie sights are good pieces of kit. They both do not require to be cooled by air which is fantastic in terms of carrying the kit.
There are disadvantages with the kit but this is not place to bring them to light. I do believe it is a step in the right direction though.

For a more in depth view of the next generation kit coming through check out this website:


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