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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gung_hobo, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Dear All,

    I am advised that a major country has failed to downsize its AF and in fact has recently made significantly more money available.

    The main thrust appears to be to make the Reg forces more deployable, and to increase homeland security by stationing more Regs and Reserves near major cities in a 'task org' manner. Additionally the previous downsizing of 'heavy' forces seems to have been reversed.

    From the description given, it seems they believe that a risk to a city is not acceptable and that they should have a mix of units readily available to deal with emergencies. Very like CCRF but with more serious political intent, or perhaps backing is a better term.

    Concurrently with this there appears to be a serious intent to increase their expeditionary capabilities by producing a regime that enables more efficient and sustainable back up to Reg units.

    It would appear that recruiting has not been a problem for the last 6 plus years since a Pte earns (allowing for currency exchange and relative costs of living) about half as much again (if not a bit more) as do ours. Their promotion (pay increase) track also seems to be a bit more certain.

    Question. How do we achieve the same, if not better? In terms of support to Reg units and Homeland Security.

    Please note that the sources are not 'quotable' nor will I be more specific, to avoid 'blushes' to others.

  2. You answered your own question, I think. "has made significantly more money available." In addition I would also add that political and public support would help.

    Let me ask you a harder question. How could we achieve the same, or nearly as good without increasing the cost to the taxpayer? Cos we all know that the Treasury won't be giving the Armed Forces any more money in the short term.


    Edited to add: If it wasn't for the comment about pay, I would have sworn you were talking about China.
  3. By the way it isn't US.