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I have posted on this site for a couple of years now (not ARRSE, SMJ!) (I will point that I am in no way a military or ex-military man, rather an enthusiastic civilian who focuses on security studies, and as someone from the SWJ site pointed me to here I feel it is only right to return the favour.

It is mainly American based and you will not get any NAAFI type humour, But you do get some very heavyweight concepts being examined and some brilliant military minds post on there, John Nagl is one among them. Check it out.


They have a very good and active discussion forum. I post infrequently due to time but if you want to see where new ideas for strategic studies are coming from, I would drink deep. Although it is particularly suited to those looking at COIN, insurgency, terrorism (as the web address infers I suppose :roll: )

This is a very interesting link, please forgive me if I posted this in the wrong forum but I think it will be of interest to those interested in military and political strategy.


I particularly like felixdzerzhinsky's comment. I think it is very pertinent to understand why we lose and win wars and quoted from a bloke who died a couple of Millennia a go.

Can anyone recommend any other websites?
It is mainly American based and you will not get any NAAFI type humour,

Thats beacuse in my experience Americans do not have a sense of humour.

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