Other RSigs oppurtunities? (TA?)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Think my time in a TA Signals regiment is up... Can't make weekends and the training/skillset has dropped too much for my liking in recent years.

    Are their any other (TA or reg/TA hybrid) units I could move to?

    Normal job centres around DBA/ETL/SSRS/SSIS/Interfacing for NHS, MOD and government. Anything in green that matches this? Have tried LCISG but they want skills in other IT areas, get the feeling that my line of work isn't an army thing more the Logica/EDS/CSC and contractors type of thing.

  2. LIAG, 81 Sigs (national unit)

  3. Isn't that for bt/tele mechs. Also liag but that seems to be it security.
  4. What about a different cap badge that has its own signallers ?
  5. ^Don't really fancy RSWO or CQMS in Sig Plt role. Would consider other cap badges esp AMS if they had ICS roles at higher levels - my civ backgroud is DMS ICS, current role is roughly AGC data filing nazi
  6. DMS at the Institute for Cornish Studies?
    verrrrry cool, do you get free pasties?
  7. yes but army nurses nick em
  8. Why not just leave completely?
  9. ^That's plan A.
  10. Polar see pm
  11. cheers... yep agree with ur pm. ;)