Other Procurement Problems.....

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Litotes, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. We all complain about our equipment procurement system, and we all reckon that visiting the local store would solve all our problems, but that is not necessarily so, as I have just found.

    I am refurbishing a house and fancied replacing the standard white sockets with some natty coloured ones to match the decor. Whilst visiting B&Q, I spotted some coloured sockets that seemed to be ideal, but they only had a light switch and a 3 pin socket in stock. The gentleman in orange didn't know a thing about the range and didn't have any leaflets. So I noted the name, visited the website and searched for the range - but it wasn't there.

    I rang the company (hint; not all the telephone numbers on the website worked...aarrgghh!) and spoke to a very nice lady who told me they make this new range specifically for B&Q and they only make two varieties, and are not planning to extend the range. So, I can't buy a double lightswitch, a telephone or television socket, or a blanking plate, in that style and colour.


  2. and for B&Q that's strange because........