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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by conner, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Seems my post "TA -whats the point" got moved to the Arrse Hole before I got a chance to respond to any posts.

    Anyway I'll first of all clarify that I don't work for any soldier magazine & that my enquiry was in 100% genuine. Caught me by surprise that one.

    Iradch, thank you for your opinion; your comments about volunteering are noted and that was part of what I was trying to ascertain. Secondly, I never spoke of not wanting to deploy, but questioned the realistic possibility of deployment after 8 weekends and 16 Tuesday nights - which, in my own opinion, is reminiscent of Stanlingrad! As you've pointed out this is not necessarily the case.

    Mr Tracey & Mushroom, thanks for your input; the comments about being a part time regular are what I was getting at - I didn't realise the thread would turn into a slagging match for trying to get some clear answers.

  2. Sadly, it is ever thus at the moment...people with more time than brains on their hands.

    As soon as everyone realises that we are all in this together, regular or territorial, soldier or Officer, clerk or infantryman, in Afghanistan or Tidworth, the better.
  3. I didn't take it that way and I'm sorry if my response came across as if I did. As you were talking about your alternative being joining as a reg, when you would certainly deploy and "none of this pansy volunteering stuff", I certainly did not have you down as a tour dodger.

    There is a wider argument to be made, and in the corridors of Wilton (tbrb Andover) and Whitehall rather than here, about where the TA can best provide value to military capability. As a specialist, in an area where the Regular Army has very little capability, I see one side of things. If I were an infanteer, struggling (well, you might not, I would!) to reach the same level of competence as my reg colleagues, but with a heavily abbreviated training package (comparatively), I'm sure I would have a different and possibly contradictory insight.

    What he said.