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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by unixman, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. Fantastic news about the Gurkhas (although be warned since it was an opposition vote it is not binding) but that left me wondering whether the new settlement rules will apply to all non-British members of the British forces - in particular the 2,000 odd Fijians who have greatly strengthened our forces. I bloody well hope that they do....
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I saw somewhere they could apply for full UK passport after 4 years service?
  3. Good point.

    Why not?

    Bulgarians, Romanians, eventually Yugoslavs, then it is bound to be Albanians, all welcome - why not Fijians? Always assuming any Fijian is daft enough to want to live here!
  4. Aren't they still part of the Commonwealth? If so, the there is no bar as far as I am aware.
  5. It is pretty sicekning to me that people serving our nation so greatly for a long time have to fight to gain residency when others come in on a free pass and then free load off the gobment and taxpayers!
  6. I think 5 years but basically that is right. Commonwealth citizens with service in the British armed forces are not affected by the latest Gurkha rules.
  7. Too right they should be allowed to settle here the Gurkhas are all top lads and easy to get on with, seems daft that they can be stopped from living here to start with when all these illegals hop through the channel tunnel etc
  8. Just an oddity I find, as so many would like to come and stay here, an increasing number from here are contemplating going to stay elsehwere
  9. Let us also not forget the many other National from all over the commonwealth especially perhaps those who by joining our ARMY become effectively stateless ie. those from Zimbabwe. I am a supporter of the Gurkhas but feel that the jam needs to be spread evenly.
  10. It would a f**king stupid PM to ignore a vote in the House of Commons.
  11. Stupid is as stupid does.
  12. Thats the problem though, He is f**king stupid
  13. What scarletto said :evil: And he is also a cnut (Broon not scarletto)!
  14. My understanding is that Fiji is currently suspended from the Commonwealth. This raises an issue with recruiting more Fijians and possibly granting citizenship to those who have served ie they are now out of the Commonwealth soldier pot and into the same Non-Commonwealth pot as the Gurkhas and have to beg for something that they've earned.
    These troops have delivered on their responsibilities it's now time for the Government to delivered their rights
  15. My understanding is that Fiji is currently "suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth", which affects its participations in meetings, but that this does not amount to full suspension and that Fijian citizens therefore continue to be treated as Commonwealth citizens for UK immigration purposes. The Commonwealth has, however, given Fiji until September to achieve democratic progress failing which Fiji will be suspended in September.

    The UK Govt has not, on that basis, let down Fijian personnel serving in the armed forces but I agree that the situation is a serious concern potentially affecting not only the individuals, but the UK's ability to continue recruiting citizens of that country.