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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by broken_man, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Recently I've really enjoyed some of the corking threads on this forum like "Battle dishounours/disgraces", "Something from history you never knew".

    Is there another site anyone knows of with more of this sort of discussion -basically the slightly more irreverent facts that don't get into the usual history books we all read - for example where certain Regiments capbadges, mottos, decorations, etc came from (without having to read every Regiment's history) - just, you know, the interesting facts.

    Any help gratefully etc etc
  2. WWW.WorldWar2talk is quite interesting and has shed loads of links to other sites
  3. Cheers I'll give it a look.
  4. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

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  6. Couldn't get your link to work. Is this the site you meant?

  7. Sorry about that, but thats the correct adress you have posted
  8. Battle of Hastings stuff - including lots from a chap that says the Normans landed closer to Olde Hastings (not the 'new' Old Town) and that the Battle wasn't at Abbey site.

    Being a local boy, I think he's right.
  9. On Jan.18th.I posted new topic saying that I had had my wrist slapped for daring to ask on another Forum "what other Military forums do you visit?"
    Was told by them "WE don't advertise other Forums on here!"
    Now, this is why ARRSE is the best!
    (Please can we have an 'emoticon' with a 'Tanky' beret on?)
  10. What an excellent thread. Lots of practical information.
    I might just lose myself in 1066 and All that for months to come.
    I think this thread should become a Sticky due to all the most informative sources.
  11. Feldgrau is another very good WW2 forum with good discussions.
  12. 'Proud to have served in the British Army' is good.
  13. By far the best forum relating to the Axis powers during WWII but also includes forums for the allied powers and others.

    Axis History Forum