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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Animus, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. We've had suitable cars for officers http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=125366.html

    So with tongue firmly in cheek, what are suitable material for other halves????

    For the newly commissioned officer; old flame from uni? keep hold of the sweetheart that has waited through the hurst? or go down to the QM and draw out a regulation Fulhamite?

    Do newly made singletons trade their old model in for a newer one? And how does one tell their fellow officer that their current run-around is not up to scratch?
  2. How about SNCO with shaved head, huge biceps and a number of tattoos? Works for me anyway.
  3. He probably does.
  4. Forgot to mention the fairer sex of course. Unless you're chap talking about your life partner that is??
  5. No Biscuits he doesn't. And yes Animus I'm of the fairer sex as you put it!
  6. Blimey T-L. You must have got through Sandhurst on the "bolshie bit of skirt from't North" quota then? :lol:
  7. Dave - I hope not :D Perhaps that was it and I never knew.......

    I'm not from the North anyway I'm from the middle. Ha!
  8. Please tell me that they aren't actually letting people from the Midlands into Sandhurst now (other than to wipe down the tables and clean the ablutions of course).

    The PC quotas have really gone too far this time.
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you join The Gunners, as a YO you should be issued with a G1098 Norland Nanny; even if they have moved to Bath. If custom holds, you can decide whether you wish keep her on your signature at the end of the course, or return her to the stores and sign out a different model on reaching your Regiment.
  10. You beat me too it Ethel. It's simply dreadful daaarling. I have an awful feeling that T-L might be from (shudder)... somewhere like .... Dudley (faints)...
  11. Good God no I'm from totally the other side in Shakespeare's county although I'm sure that won't make a difference :D Shocking I know!
  12. Ah... you're one of the Warkwickshire Tigerlilies.... as opposed to the Bromsgrove Tigerlily Massive. You're name's well and truly on the list then!! :wink:

    Much love from a Banbury Peasant :wink:
  13. Jade Goodey type - but still alive
  14. Easy mistake to make but there are numerous subtle but oh so important differences :D
  15. Funny that... I moved up to just outside Banbury from the Woodstock area and I couldnt help but notice that Banbury is much more akin to part of 'The Midlands' that strayed south, rather than 'properly Oxfordshire'.