Other Building Works around the place

While I'm in typing mood, I thought I'm mention the other ongoing stuff:

We're well aware that the gallery package is, well, crap. We're trying to get a better one sorted, but it's not proving easy.

Advertising discussion continues as sooner or later this site needs to finance itself. OPSEC prevents me discussing the pending multi million dollar microsoft contract (Bill is a big user).

Reviews will probably get sacked as a waste of space.

I'd like to get more foreigners involved. We (Mods and Admins) have been saying this for ages, but it's a tricky thing to get rolling. Pending tray again I think.

I'll try and get some better avatars. Japanese cartoon characters don't really fit the site.

Some reasonably good ones added (Simpsons, cartoon characters among others). May brighten the place up a bit anyway.

Search: Officially tits-up. Hope to go get it sorted tonight.
OK. Search works, although I still don't think you can search for words in post titles, but only in the post body.

Out of interest the database table that runs the search function has just over 1,500,000 rows, between us we have written a touch over 82000 DIFFERENT words and the program that pieced all this together into a database has just taken almost exactly 12 hours to run.

This shows little other than quite how much bullshit we've produced over the last couple of years.

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