Other Arms- Very useful.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by IdleAdjt, May 23, 2005.

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  1. To give balance to the "Good Infantry Whinge" forum, I have decided to start one for Infanteers to say how well supported by the other arms.

    Hopefully this will stop the rear echelon types from going into the Whinge forum to say how jolly important and hard working they are.

    So, anyone want to share with us how well supported you have been by movers, pay clerks, Monkeys?

    I will open by saying LAD. Good lads.
  2. Girlys In the RSigs "Not a bad shag" Ex snowqueen '92
    ACC "Top lads" as they shared a room with the Milan Sect in Bosina '92 and gave us tons of brew kit/freebies.
    SASC total fcuking spanners, and wannbe RSM's
  3. Pay clerks - Salt of the eath , best things since sliced bread.
  4. 'Sigs kit repair shack', REME Bn (must have missed that particular bit of terminology somewhere in my mil education) at Shaibah 2003; kit in and out with me only having to plead pitifully the once.

    Dutch REMFs. Ran a dry camp, so 6 stella= one wolf wheel, five minutes flat, no questions asked. Top banana.

    RE map section at the palace. Treat them as human beings and come away with all you need.

    Medics at BMT. Get past the clipboards and the med staff were great. Saving lives is their job, but they can and do, and that's the difference.

    Erm. I'm struggling now.

  5. errm, were you in Iraq? Don't know why I think that :)
  6. Very useful: LAD (everywhere)
    Very useful: Chef Sgt in Whiterock who made cakes
    Moderately useful: The QA who fixed the satellite dish (not sure why the REME or Sigs Pl didn't do it)
    Very useful: RAF Clerks who tell you what you are entitled to and then pay it to you.
    Highly useless: Army Clerks who won't tell you what you are entitled to.
    Seriously useful: the REME bloke who painted over the scorch marks
    Very useful: the doc who fixed my leg

    Very boring: the battery shop bloke at Warminster
  7. Dog handlers are very good . and ermm some chefs the medics oh and eod blow stuff up which looks cool .And the intelligence briefings are always good for a laugh .Do they actually beleive that stuff ?
  8. Are they competent though??? :?
  9. Other Arms would be very useful. I would like at least 2 more. I would then earn trillions as the world boxing champ.

    Otherwise StubbleHoppers, get a life. I would have once said look at my pay packet but.... with Pay 2000 most of you at my rank are now paid at the higher rank.

    Life is Bllx.
  10. had good dealings from most support arms at some point met some good guys/gals from REME, RLC etc but pay clerks are the pits. They fcuk yer pay up then whinge it was cause they were overworked, tired, unicom mistake,it was glasgow's fault, or a miriad of other bollox excuses. If it was a real soldier makin work related mistakes mistakes people could get hurt or killed but cause it's some shiney arrsed clerk kn0bber messin up pay which could have serious repercussions for people with bills/mortgages to pay it's all pushed under a carpet and forgotten......puff pant rage rage........must go and get my blood pressure back down and find a pay clerk to abuse. :evil: :evil: