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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by themaadone, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Does the AAC still 'poach' or attract other arms soldiers to train as pilots?
    If they still do are they required to rebadge upon completion or is it a one to two tour jobby and RTU?

    Is it an all ranks thingy or now restricted to occifer converts?

  2. 1. Yes
    2. Usually rebadge fairly quickly
    3. All ranks
    4. We need more!

    It appears the NCO side of life are unaware that they can still become pilots. Spread the word.
  3. Cheers Flashy, there was a discussion around work the other day and a promising young lad was really rather interested in the idea of junior NCOs able to fly. Bright as he is (several A Levels and a diploma (obscure thingy)) he didn't believe me and I must admit that my memory of all arm pilots was a BAOR reminiscence.

    Out of personal interest, is this restricted to Army chappies or is it a tri service opportunity?
  4. Army as far as I'm aware but I do know of a few Navy and crab NCO's who have gone on Army flying courses still in their respective service. Of course, they did transfer to the AAC whilst on course or very soon after.

    I remember the Army having the very last RAF NCO pilot a few years ago. Pished the crabs off no end. :D

    Get your chap to have a chat with the RAO, dig out the relevant bits of paperwork, fill em in, visit an AAC unit and make sure he pushes for it all the way. No one can stop him from applying but quite a few will try and 'delay' his paperwork.
  5. Cheers, will get a phone number outta the directory, press it into his mits and send him over to the admin office. Chaps simply wasted in my trade.
  6. me n bee

    AGAi’s Vol 2 Chap 43 gives the full procedures, criteria and application forms, however, for soldiers see below:

    43.087. Soldiers. Male and female soldiers of all Arms and Services may volunteer for pilot training provided that they:

    a. Are normally able to start the Army Pilot Course before their 30th birthday.

    b. Hold a rank not below Corporal or equivalent, or are qualified and recommended for promotion to Corporal before starting the course. Note: prospective candidates for pilot training who have not yet achieved this criteria may ask for an application form and may, in exceptional circumstances, take the Pilot Aptitude Tests.

    c. Will have extended, or agree to extend, service to ensure a minimum of 4 years residual service. Exceptions to this may be authorised by AAC MCM Wing.

    d. Can obtain the agreement of their MCM Div, if members of the Royal Irish Regiment (HS), to transfer to the Royal Irish Regiment (GS) for the period of training and subsequent flying tour.

    e. Are not in categories which are restricted from applying for flying training (i.e. protected or deficiency employments as specified by DM(A)). This general condition may be waived at the discretion of the relevant MCM Div with the authority of DM(A).

    Unfortunately, I only got to the flying grading stage, a long time ago (still got 13 hours flying Chipmunks for free though). I had a great time and knowing the odd pilot myself, I would thoroughly recommend any one to have a go.

    Hope the above helps

  7. I know a lot of odd pilots. :cyclopsani:
  8. You obviously look in the mirror on a regular basis then Flash :razz: :biggrin:
  9. I'm a pilot. Of course I do!
  10. And thats the first time you've told anyone in twenty minutes..

    Flash has his wings enlarges and sewn on the side of his Dark tan FBI sedan.
  11. Leading Aircrewmen in the Navy are trying to transfer acros to the AAC at the moment after their service laughed at their requests to be front seaters.

    It looks like they'll be accepted - what with 1200 hours Ops and Nav trained.

    Now they're all trying to change service and the Navy's not laughing anymore!

    Kind of the reverse of the Officer trend really.
  12. Yeap and here is a picture of the very man!

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  13. That picture is accurate not because of the size of his schlong, but because of the content look when he cradles one or has one perched on his shoulder.
  14. Then there was the RAF Sgt crewman who got himself an Army flying course, transfered into the AAC on successful completion, commissioned into the Army and then transfered back to the RAF as an officer :thumleft:
  15. Anyone know if there are/were any HS Royal Irish pilots as allowed for in the regs quoted?