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A few weeks ago, when I was on a familiarisation visit, I had a very brief and informal interview. I was asked weather I had joined the OTC while at university. My reply was that I hadn’t as it was too late for me being a 3rd year student and I explained that i had joined a TA unit. The person taking the interview seemed to be unhappy that I hadn’t joined the OTC.

This has had me thinking weather it would be a disadvantage not to have been in the OTC when seeking sponsorship. Any comments would be useful.



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The army as an organisation will not see it as a bad thing that you joined the TA instead of the OTC, however individuals may point out that the OTC is there for university students and should be used by those intent on going to Sandhurst afterwards. Sponsorship for RCB is pretty easy to come by as long as your not a complete twat. Hope that helps in some way.


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When I was interviewed to get sponsorship to RCB a few years back now, I asked whether it was a problem that I hadn't joined the OTC and had no intention of doing so (rowing and OTC weren't a feasible combination). The Regimental Colonel (Bugger's Grips, say no more) said that taking part in any team sport to a decent level was far more important than running around in green kit, after all I would have plenty of time for that later (I took that to be a good sign!).

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