Well I thought the OTC was great.

In fact, it was. A f**k of a lot better than the real Army, anyway.

If you're reading this, Capt G***, all is forgiven.

You too, CSM Donnie, ya mad b**tard.

"Whip that left hand away as if you're pulling a West Indian off your sister."

OK, it was the only unit I've ever been in where I got to shag my Coy 2IC  ;)
Nice to see my board is already being used before i even got in here. How many bitter twisted ex-cadets will i get?? How many current ones?? Who knows??

Crack on!!
Ex...yes, bitter....no! good for a laff was OTC.

You did bad things with a certain captain g? was that the 2ic you were on about?
hahahahah!! I think not.. I know both Slime, the OTC and the Capt G in question..! Said Capt G looks like a really old version of a bag of smashed crabs! But he is a top bloke!

"Be careful how much you have to drink Mr. B. Or you might not be able to get it up!"

or.. When waiting for the Adj (as he is known) to count cash on his desk - he sees me looking at it.

"I know what you're thinking B! You wouldn;t make it past the f*cking door! And if you should.. Sgt Mac would be waiting at the end of the corridor for you!"

Bear in mind that this should be said in a gruff male version of the Queen's voice!
Eh? This thread's still here?

Nope, the 2IC was a 2Lt. Same second initial as the OC, and that's as far as I go  :)

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