I was planning on joining the army as an officer in the Parachute Regiment when i left college, however in october last year i got quite ill with pneumonia which spread to my kidneys. I looked at the Army website, and now know, as im sure most of you do, that i now have to wait to years before joining up. This has lead me to decide to go to university, and i was wondering would i be able to join the OTC, or do they have the same medical standards as the rest of the Army? I have checked the OTC part of the Army website, but their was no information on this subject, which leads me to think that i will not be able to join them either, but i was just wondering.

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The best thing to do is to get in touch with the OTC at the University you're going to and ask them; they won't bite you. As UOTC's and their cadets aren't deployable, I suspect they may be a bit more flexible about physical standards.
PM incoming

and yes Cpunk they do give some wriggle room with medical conditions as long as they are manageable/no longer a danger
OTCs are not as strict on the medical. If it's not causing you any problems now then just don't mention it in the medical, they won't check up with your GP. As long as you're not going to make yourself ill when carrying out activities, i'd keep it quiet.
I WOULDN'T suggest that. If you're looking at going into the Regulars lying on your medical is not advisable. Quite apart from the fact that it contravenes the Values and Standards of the place you're applying for. Call me an idealistic young 'un but that's not something I'd want to do. Furthermore I can't imagine any kind of medical cover would have much sympathy with you if you did become seriously ill.
Ok fair enough you prob shouldn't lie on your medical. But don't make it out to be anything more serious than it actually is, especially if you're fully recovered. If you could get a note from your GP that states what the problem was, but that you've fully recovered from it now and OTC activites would not put you at risk, and take this with you to your medical, then they'd prob let you join.
Call me a bluff old traditionalist but...

How about the OP doesn´t follow your idiotic advice gun-bunny.

This is medical stuff. If it is serious enough to keep you out of the Army for 1 year, then I would mention it on the OTC medical.

Worst case scenario (other than going down with something ten times as bad, on exercise, in the middle of the oolu, in winter) is that OTC defers you for a year. Is this a problem? You have 3 to 4 years at Uni. And, IIRC, you can join OTC in your second year too.

So by all means tell them about it. There does seem to be some wiggle room for medical reasons that are tempory or have deferment periods.

What wont look good is if you lie about it, and then they find out. Chances are they WILL when you go to AOSB and RMAS.

Then you look a right cnut, because you´ve already shown yourself to be not up to the required standard.
Thanks for the advice, i'll check when i get to uni in September. I never planned on lieing anyway as, to be honest it was quite serious when it happened. By the way chocolate_frog, what is an OP? :oops:
no wah.

Original Post/Poster

no wah.

Good for you, Small_Surfer. Give it a crack, if the OTC don´t take you (bar medical reasosn) try the TA too.

It´s only a year, look after your body, you may need it in the future. Just don´t do anything that may.... stop you getting in ALL together!!
Frog, if you read my second post, you'll see that i'm not telling him to put himself at risk of making himself ill. Just to get a backup letter from his GP IF he is well enough to carry out OTC activities. Admitedly, telling him to keep quiet about at first wasn't the best advice. But if your GP thinks in their medical opinion you're well enough to join, then get them to write a supporting letter to that effect.
I have applied to UWIC, Worcester, Chester, UWE and Glamorgan. I have got offers from all of them, except Worcester where i have a interview on Thursday.
Small_Surfer said:
I have applied to UWIC, Worcester, Chester, UWE and Glamorgan. I have got offers from all of them, except Worcester where i have a interview on Thursday.
Be honest at your medical.

What you've described doesn't sound like something that would be too much of a problem - one episode of pyelonephritis doesn't suggest "difficult" kidneys.

Lying at your medical is a mug's game - we assess people for their own protection as much as the Army's. Frankly it gets pretty bloody tedious treating asthmatics whose genius mate told them to lie about it.
I am still waiting for the letter form the doctors to tell me what i had, but the doctor did say he suspected it was Nephritis, which i have no clue what it is.
Pyelonephritis is a kidney infection. People who are likely to get rejected or that I would downgrade are those who get them repeatedly, which often implies there is a problem between the kidneys and the bladder. To have a one-off episode associated with another infection is something that many fit adults have and shouldn't cause problems. A urine dipstick is simple and reassuring to check there is no residual problem.
I have just got the results from the hospital after they tested me to see what i had, and the doctor says it shouldn't have any effect on me gettin in the Army, though i will still check at the OTC, and my local careers office.

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