OTC vs TA for older recruit.

Hi, any advice appreciated.

Very possibly about to start a nursing degree and am looking at joining the OTC whilst there as opposed to a TA unit because of the way they are designed to fit around the acedemic year. I know I'll be the oldest one there at almost 28 but that I can live with. However possibly unlike many of the other OTC recruits I have a strong desire to continue with the TA afterward, all fine so far. But I've heared rumours that TA units may require you to complete your initial training again with them, if this is true it renders joining the OTC a bit pointless. Is this true even if you've gone all the way to passing your TA comission? if anyone can shed some light on this for me I'd be vey happy.
Also as I'm likely to want to join a medical unit when the OTC is done would being a 2LT place me in a strange position given that nursing officers are Capt but with two years post registration experience. Which I wouldn't have.

Any help/ thoughts

Depends on how long and what you have done with the otc when you join the Ta .Cant speak for the medical side ,but the infantry lot I am with take any bod from the otc out on a weekend and then decide if he goes in plt or as a recruit .
One is a club, the other is part of the Armed Services of the UK.
Bravo_Bravo said:
One is a club, the other is part of the Armed Services of the UK.
Point taken

Its the clashes with acedemic year that pushes me towards the OTC, (although I'll admit it, I want to be an officer one day and you can begin the courses straight away with the OTC so I'm told)

I'm doing nursing, surprisingly, so skipping lectures etc for camps is not possible as an outside professional body requires you put a set number of hours in to pass. I mention this because this is my second stab at uni, where I did an English degree before, and found that frankly not turning up for a week or so would barely have been noticed - eight contact hours a week!. (Should have joined that time but believe it or not I'd never heard of the OTC at the time.) Don't know if that is still the case for the current fee paying students on arts courses - I sure they wouldn't dream of skipping lectures anyway.

Cheers for your answer Woody. I'm happy with a weekends worth of assessment to see if I've bothered to learn anything before they take me on. Sounds fair enough.

Many thanks
Just join TA as a DETAPO and explain to your OC the demands on your time. If he values you and is a top bod, he will allow a degree of flexibility with your attendance. Plus the money you get will be better.
A commission gained though the OTC is not deemed worthless upon transfer to a gp A TA unit, a 2lt from my OTC has just transferred over to a troop as there troop commander after 3 years in the OTC. Age is not an issue you'll be surprised how many OTC people are well into there 20s and there may be have few in there late 20s. as well as the OTC being centred around the academic time table. it is also centred around officer training. OTC also offers some outstanding adventurous training opportunities which the TA seems to resent.

(Below is what I have gleamed from talking to members of the TA and this forum, so may not be a full picture)
That said a TA unit will offer a different kind of training opportunity, focus towards there operation commitment. Training will invariably be more realistic and task related. It is also worth considering what you can offer that unit whilst still at uni as you would be unavailable for ops and unable to do trade training due to your officer aspirations.

A third and unconsidered option is to join the UOTC and then transfer under the TASO scheme. This would enable you to gain officer training and a commission whist still being a member of a TA unit and gaining experiences and knowledge from TA soldiers. (on a side note) Our local RAMC unit has refused to take any ocdt studying medicine due to there lack of medical training and over all career path although this may be different for a nurse who would like to join the TA.
you can approach your uotc staff and ask about the new TASO initiative, in a nut shell you can carry out 75% of your training at the uotc and be sponsored by a TA unit. You put in regular appearances at the TA centre, that fit around your academic studies, and you reep the TA pay and Bounty :D
Bravo_Bravo said:
One is a club, the other is part of the Armed Services of the UK.
That sir, is a sh1te attitude. It reflects perhaps more on yourself than upon either the OTC or the TA at large.

I base my point of view upon empirical evidence. What's your excuse??
Thanks all,

Hadn't come across the TASO scheme before,(am googling as we speak).

Will be seeing the recruiting team next week so I'll see what they have to say (and if they actually want me).

Again, many thanks
Ref TASO look in the OTC sub forum of OTC and ACF. I doubt you will find much on google (if you do give us a heads up).

BTW TASO = T A Sponsored Officer.

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