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Rumour flying about my unit at the moment that come next year you will be able to put your time in green towards university credits under the banner of a management module. Has anyone heard anything similar? Is this a countrywide idea or perhaps simply a local agreement with my university?
Is this some kind of attempt to allow you soap dodging cunts to do even less work?
City and Guilds management level 3 or some such is what I remember it being called. Pass MTQ2 or whatever they call it these days shell out a few quid and you're away.
At Exeter this can be done; however it must be said that the time in green is the experience (MTQ2 at least 6 drill noghts and three weekends including the exam)on which the academic piece is drawn i.e. the ASSESSED piece is a 2000 word essay which is up to the intellectual horsepower as any other Exeter degree module.

The green payback is that for 15 credits the academic time is about 75 hours, half what it is normally, so there is some payback for time in green. However it is definitely not MTQ2 = ipso facto credits towards your degree.
This sounds alarmingly like the US ROTC model where time spent on ROTC duty counts towards credits. Mind you, joining the knitting circle qualifies you for credits.

It's hard to see how this could be effectively introduced without adopting the US 4 year general ed system where you do 2 years "comps" of a certain number of courses in the liberal arts and sciences, and then in years 3 and 4 you do 2/3rds of your courses in your chosen major. The plus of that system is you get a good all-round general education from your degree, the downside is that a British grad on a 3 year honours degree will come out with a much more detailed knowledge of their subject in comparison. The idea of the US extra-curricular credit is supposed to be in support of the academic by adding an applied element (i.e. do "music theory 101" for 120 credits, get another 60 for doing a full year plus performances in the orchestra/choir but no extra credits if you just join the choir for fun), but the ECA is run by the institution. Most ROTCs have an academic input and are a department on campus (so they will run courses on Mil History open to all students for example with the specialist MTQ equivalent being part of the ROTC programme for cadets in addition to their study programme). The suggested equivalent here seems like a botched half-arrsed attempt to merge an NVQ into a degree, and both qualifications have different slants to them, which means it will just be a nonesense as neither is a consequence of the other.
extrader said:
Um no it's only 15 credits and if you are thick as mince the academic piece will fail you.
The amount of credits is "academic" (sic). My fear is that we had it right with the old Poly/Uni split. The old polys did sandwich degrees that included a year in industry and were respected for what they were in their own right. Rather than trying to introduce NVQs into degree streams we would be better off admitting that 1. all are not created equal therefore it is nonesense to suggest that 50% of 18-30 year olds have the intellectual acumen to study for a degree and that 2. our vocational education for young people who cannot get their heads around quantum theory or PPE is pump because of the adherence to the idea debunked in 1.
extrader said:
At Exeter this can be done...
The green payback is that for 15 credits the academic time is about 75 hours
Blimey. I did MTQ2 at Exeter (and won it, I should add - only to become duty tw*t for getting nicked for speeding on the way back from Okehampton to Exeter). Are these 15 points the same type of points for which I have just sweated blood to get 30 on an OU MBA module?

Sounds wrong to me. The MTQ2 I did was an applied drinking and military bluffing syllabus for which I was paid. I can't see what it represents in terms of management experience.
The only qualifications which CMT (prehistoric MTQ) qualified me for was advanced levels in Brewing Science, Vertical Sleep Management and Inter-gender Relations...oh and a TA Gp B commission!

Oh and six months seniority...
If anyone from Gsuotc is genuinely interested in this then please PM me with your real name.

We are trying to do a pilot that will offer credit over and above the standard scheme (COMEC) that has ran for the past ten years with city and guilds.

Info on the COMEC scheme can be found at:


So as I said if you are at GSUOTC get in touch and i'll explain what we are trying to do, all others have a look at the COMEC sheet or ask your adjutant about it.

PS The pilot scheme is not about getting university credits, it will be a different qualification that would have to be assessed by your faculty to go towards your degree and is not designed for this purpose.
When I first joined GSUOTC there offered the civilian management qualification as discussed at the start. It had no connection to university credits directly.
you can get a city and guilds thing for MTQ2 as it is anyway. Biggest joke ever...
got myself one of those city and guilds bits of paper for MTQ2. heard it has bout 35 UCAS points or so, so if you were at tech repeating A2s it could help you get in to uni, helped one of my mates to secure his place

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