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Discussion in 'OTC' started by KRWC_28, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Can someone gimme a clear outline of the OTC's Military Syllabus. Jesus I thought finding the APC syllabus difficult
  2. Some shooting on the ranges, Jollies abroad, mess dinners, Maybe the Cambrian patrol. Mess dinners, some military training.

    The idea of the OTC is to attract you to the military.
  3. I'll get in before MSR does: Ask your (or their) PSI.

    By the way, don't forget to add buying ill fitting blazers and brightly coloured trousers to impress members of the opposite sex*.

    * - May also impress members of the same sex depending on personal preference, colour balance, quality etc..
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  4. Don't forget the skiing...
  5. Firstly, don't mention the APC syllabus around the OTC....

    Mod 1- Basic training, Civvy to Soldier
    Mod 2- Soldier to Theory Officer, Orders and Estimate
    Mod 3- Theory Officer to Field Officer, Battle Camp
    Mod 4- AR Commissioning Course at RMAS, 3 or 8 weeks
    Mod 5- Add on to Mod 5 dealing with Officer Admin

    Mod 1 is first year, Mod 2 is second year. People then tend to only progress further if they have passed or are going through the AOSB process.

    Whilst technically all UOTCs come under The Sandhurst Group the training varies massively between units. Which one are you looking at joining?

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