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OTC to TA Bounty

Right, appreciate any help from above here.

I have a friend that has contacted me saying her new unit (after moving from OTC to Group A unit last year) have said her OTC time does not count for bounty purposes as far as they are concerned and they're going to give her a 1st year bounty.

Now, every single person I know that has moved from OTC to Group A has always just carried on from whatever level they're on (myself included), I've checked TA Regs and couldn't find anything in there.

Now with JPA it knows what level you're on (after viewing CofE report via reporting) and will pay Soldier A that level automatically, so I imagine the unit HR will have to utilise the pay Soldier A X% of bounty within the Efficiency element (can't remember the official terms and I'm not at work) to physically withhold the rest of the bounty.

Is this a) Allowed? B) "Legal"? - I imagined that using the pay % of bounty bit was for those that had not performed up to scratch etc, not to penalise those that have served in the OTC before the TA. Afterall it's hardly an incentive to transfer is it?

Can anyone give me an official answer?

I'll go through the proper chains tomorrow (try JPAC (heh) / ICT) but if anyone has an idea...
I am with you on this.

I have known several people transfer from OTC Group B to Group A and they have always just carried on with whatever bounty level they are on at the full TA rate rather than Group B rate.

I have never heard of people having to go back to year 1 bounty.

I would suggest the best point of contact would be the admin officer / adj of the OTC the person has left.

It's been a long day - I meant to say I will have a look in TA Regs.

Try this for starters:

Officers Training Corps
2.055. The following training is to be carried out annually by members of the Officers Training Corps: 15 days continuous in-camp training. Out of camp training of 15 days, for a minimum of 2 hours actual training per day. Training set out in the annual HQ LAND OTC Directive. The OTC training year commences on 1 October each year. Additional training may be carried out voluntarily. Regulations governing the payment of bounty for those who transfer from the OTC Group B to Group A units on completion of the OTC training year are at JSP 754, Chapter 4, Section 5. This paragraph does not apply to OTC officer cadets of the Held Strength (Unpaid) Category (see Annex H/5).

Yeah I did have a brief scan of 754 chapter 4 this morning, although that particular bit if my memory serves me correctly is more about the differences between the training years (ie OTC from Sept-Oct, TA April-May) and how some of the OTC training year can be used towards the Group A training year if someone transfers. But I'll double check again tomorrow

Although it did also contain this;

04.0507. Previous full-time Service in any of HM Regular Forces, or service in any of the Reserve Forces in which the full training bounty has been earned by the completion of obligatory training , may count towards qualifying service for the higher rates of bounty provided such service terminated less than 3 years before joining/re-joining any of the volunteer Reserve Forces.

But I'm not sure if thats more aimed at say moving from say RMR to TA, rather than from group TA to the other
This is also interesting:

43. Service in Group C. Time spent as a Sponsored Reservist is to be reckonable for pay, promotion, seniority and bounty earning years, e.g. a Sponsored Reservist who has earned a fourth year bounty in Group C, will on transfer to Group A or B, start on his fifth bounty earning year. Where Sponsored Reserve service does not qualify as service for the TD or TEM, it does not count as a break in service. Time spent as a Sponsored Reservist is also to count against any unexpired former engagement as an ordinary member or Regular Reservist. (See also para 41c(2).)

If it works for Group C to Group B, why not for Group B to Group A?


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