OTC threatened... Study in Scotland?....Want an alternative?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by BV206, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Right, cards on the table from the start:
    1. I am shamelessly selling the Royal Marines Reserve
    2. I am an informed "Gatekeeper" to the above.
    3. RMR Scotland continues to recruit, train AND PAY.
    4. You CANNOT LEGALLY be mobilised unless you have completed training which takes a minimum 14 months.
    5. On completion of training, the adopted policy of Intelligent Directed Mobilisation allows anyone in full time education to be PROTECTED FROM MOBILISATION. (Referred to as "Red" on the traffic light system"
    6. The RMR has never mobilised a man against his will (there are enough willing volunteers)
    7. There is no "Return of Service" ie you can go off and join whatever branch of the forces you like without hindrance.
    8. If you complete training, you will be a qualified Commando for the rest of your service time, regular or reserve. If you join the Army for example, you will be entitled to wear the Red Dagger Flash on your uniform at all times. You will be entitled to wear the Green Beret when serving with 3 Cdo Bde and you would be classed as an "Army Commando".
    9. While in the RMR, you will have all the usual opportunities for Winter Skiing, Summer Sailing, Rock Climbing, more shooting than any TA unit, plenty of PT, socials, regular tactical exercises, trips to the states, Norway, Brunei, Canada etc etc etc.
    10. If you are regulars at the Nov Ceremonies/Armed Forces Parades - we are the ones in the black tunics and caps - you may have seen us.

    Right, the downsides:

    1. Sorry girls, but there are no RMR female posts, only Regular RM Band.
    2. Sorry boys, see above.
    3. It is harder than anything you will have done before.
    4. Training is 2 hours on a Wednesday Night, and roughly every second/third weekend.

    Do you want to know more?....send me a pm.
  2. I would like to know why you think your uniform is black? Or why those red and white hats, white pith helmets look black to you too.
  3. More easily recognisable than if I said very very dark blue indeed.

    ...Or why those red and white hats, white pith helmets look black to you too.

    Clumsy english, but then I didn't get where I am today by writing poetry.

  4. The students I knew who were in the RMR in Glasgow spent a lot of time in the OTC on the sniff. The "no women" thing is an issue when you're 19, although (admittedly) provided you have lots of pals to invite you to OTC functions then being RMR has a certain glamour :)
  5. A green-eyed, underwater knife fighting dealer of death with steel biceps and the confidence of a polecat on steroids....of course its glamorous.

    But that's not really the point is it, just a side benefit and I would dissuade anyone who seeks to join for this reason alone.

    A Commando is a man who "...has looked deep into his soul, and is content with what he has seen there" COMMANDO - Survival of the Fittest.
  6. Im ex para reg, why do I have to (according to a careers bloke) go through your whole course just to prove fit when I am at an equal to or in some cases more so standard ? Is there not an amphibious acquaint that could be used ?
  7. Para converting to Royal? Amphibious acquaint? Why yes...it's this!


    (Don't forget to bring your military swimming test cert' with you...)
  8. You don't, but the purpose of the course is not to prove fit either, nor is amphibiosity the only difference between our respective services.

    The training ensures that there is a standardised approach to everything we do. You cannot absorb an ethos in a short amphib aquaint any more than I could become a Para by doing a jumps course. I would still be a Bootneck with wings and you would be a Para with wet feet!

    HOWEVER...as an ex-reg, and providing you are within a couple of years of leaving, or are still serving TA, you could be eligible to join at Phase 2, cutting out 6 months of basic. Ask your AFCO again, they may not be aware of this.
  9. Will I still be able to jump ?

    Its all I have really, well, that and no front teeth .. :D

    Only kidding you bummers :D I'm Royal personified, right down to my chad tatts and bad pube admin.

    Ive a mate at RMR Leeds who doesnt stop for breath, if your lots schedule is as busy as his then id recommend it to anyone, he has yet to bum an OTC bird though, he has yet to bum anything....the fat ginga :D
  10. Sadly, opportunities to jump anywhere are limited these days and we only send about a dozen guys each year to an ex in USA where they do a tactical jump if they are already jumps trained.

    Having said that, that's probably not much different to even reg Para Units these days of cost cutting and endless 'ganners tours.

    Ref teeth........not required, we issue bayonets in the Marines - you will not be trained to bite anyone to death....see what I mean about different ethos?! :wink:
  11. I see no mention of 'Naked Bar' or 'Naked Rollmat Fighting'. Defence cuts or has the Corps gone soft?
  12. Studies into the motivation of individuals and the dynamics of groups have shown that robust humour coupled with physical excellence serve to consolidate the team and contribute to enhanced performance in acheiving a defined objective.

    No, the Corps has not gone soft - just don't wish to dry my dhobi in public!

    STP...you are clearly well informed and conversant with the way of the warrior!
  13. I've been getting a couple of PMs on a consistent thread - so to put it in a public forum...

    RMR Scotland, and almost certainly most of the other RMR Units already have many students serving as recruits and trained ranks. My estimate up here would be about 25%.
    Yes, we recognise that many will leave on completion of their studies - its not a problem to us, they will remain pro-Corps thereafter.
    Yes, it is tough juggling studies and training, but it is also very acheivable. Probably not a good idea in your final year however.
    Yes, we do currently and frequently have students on operations, BUT ONLY BECAUSE THEY VOLUNTEERED. They take a gap year from studies, do the tour and go straight back to Uni. As I said in first post, you will not be mobilised as a student unless you want to be.

    Hope this helps.