OTC Signals Course

I've been told that I'm on a course at Blandford from the 18th-28th April, but haven't been given any joining instructions. I need to pack for it tomorrow, as I'm away on exercise until 17th, but am unsure what I am likely to require.
Can anyone give any advice on what is likely to be needed, eg will we be in the field, or is it all classroom based (therefore no need for basha etc). I really have no idea what to expect, so any advice is appreciated.
did it a few years ago and there was no field work so you only really need C95s, helmet and day sac. If in doubt give the signals officer recuiting and laison team a call at blandford. They part-sponser the course so should be able to put you in contact with the sgt/Csgt who'll be running the course.
I'm sat here with the joining instructions in front of me and I'm still none the wiser, I'll PM you with the kit list.

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