OTC Rememberance Parades

Discussion in 'OTC' started by polar, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know of an OTC that attends these weekends, I've never seen an OTC unit on parade in 4 large Northern cities. Anybody know why they don't attend these weekends.

    LUOTC had been away on a fieldcraft weekend this w/e and I presume they held a two minutes silence but can't be certain (two min silence in the middle of the end of ex attack???)
  2. Birmingham OTC was also away on a field exercise this weekend, but a field rememberance service was held. They were represented on the parades in Birmingham city centre and they did poppy selling in the weeks before hand.
    I think that if the OTCs are involved with the parades, they are more likely to be used in the background. Such as marshalling, poppy selling etc. Rather than take a more forward role such as marching.
  3. Sheffield OTC always parade in Weston park. Our Platoon at Endcliffe Hall parades with them.
  4. Don't know the form at NUOTC these days but in the early 1980s contingents of a dozen each from the OTC and UAS paraded for a service at the Newcastle University memorial inside the Armstrong Building with the Vice Chancellor and his court.
  5. I'm not in otc but BUOTC and BUAS were both marching today in large numbers.
  6. Oxford always have OTC on parade, dont know about the last couple of years, but deffo up to 2004 they did.
  7. Ok ok, dont be ashamed :p

    Im pretty sure that most OTCs have some kind of parade, EMUOTC have a parade in Nottingham Uni to remember those members of the unit past who fell in dubyadubya one.

    Cant imagine a reason why any unit wouldnt have some kind of service.
  8. Tayforth were on parade in Stirling today.
  9. SUOTC paraded at the cenotaph in Southampton. It was a nice service!
  10. Luotc had a contingent at the parade, don't know how large it was though.

    The rest on fieldcraft did have a moments silence.

    EDIT: LUTOC have also involved in poppy selling during the lead up to Remembrance day.
  11. To be honest, I can't see any member of staff, permanent or otherwise, allowing an OTC to let Rememberance Sunday pass without at least a moment silence. Shame on them if they did!
  12. Edinburgh UOTC always have a splendid parade at the University Old College along with University Air Squadron and Navy types.
  13. If only there was an OTC forum.
  14. Yeah. It could be put with the cadet forum or something...
  15. Cambridge used to do a gun salute. Not sure if they still have light guns.