OTC Recruitment Mega Thread

The first thing any OTC is going to look for in potential recruits is some spark of genius that got you into University in the first place (though I accept that questions will always be asked about what seperates Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeedja Studies and Underwater Basket Weaving students at the University College of Chipping Sodbury from single-cell pond life). With that in mind, I would expect you bright sparks that want to try and get into an OTC to do the following:

1. Spend more than 20 seconds having a look around the site before firing off your first bone post to establish that there is, in fact, a dedicated OTC sub-forum and;

2. See that in the dedicated OTC forum there is a dedicated Recruiting Mega Thread that is a "sticky" (i.e. not going anywhere) to ask as many questions as your post A Level euphoria will allow.

To that end, any "I'm going to X University and wonder what the OTC is like and how to get in" threads are going to be immediately locked, mainly because trying to merge it into the recruiting thread takes forvever for me to do, and I don't want to do it 2 or 3 times a day.


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