I am curious to find out what the OTC pay system is like for OTc's around the country.

Does your OTC pay on a set date or is it completely random...and what is your opinion on the way it is done?

My pay gets done was appears to be completely random and it is quite frustrating. I have to give up working on my civilian job, which pays me everytime on time, to attend weekends and it seems we just get paid whenever the OTC manage to get round to it.
Firstly if you have just joined it will take a couple of months to get on the system but you will be paid all your back pay.
Once you are on the system in a month say September, you sign an attendance register (AR) which must be given to the Units pay side. They then put the run in to APC. This should happen by 4-5 October, then you will be paid on the 'first run' i.e. it hits your bank account about 15 Oct.

If you dont sign the AR you wont get paid. If the AR dies not get put in to the OTC pay side in a timely fashion it may miss the run and go in the following month. But this should not happen provided the Unit pay is done in a proper fashion.
Mongoose, I have actually been in a while. September's pay was never received around the 15th and still waiting on it. This isn't the first time pay has been majorly late. Once had January's pay in March!! Is there anything you can do or say as an student within the OTC without rocking the boat?
Well to be honest it does depend on the ARs going in on time; in my OTC whenever pay is late it is ALWAYS the recipients fault. It may be worth POLITELY asking your chief clerk as you do have a right to your pay and it may not just be you who is short, or address it up the chain of command; state when the training days were. As with all things OTC if you are a good egg who works hard and puts in the time I would hope you are listened to. M9
Queens admin staff are shite to be honest. About 2/3 of this years intake from September are still waiting to be paid, thats about 5 months. And its like this every year.
well yes the efficiency of your staff will have an affect on when you get paid, but no pay clerk/officer is so inept as to delay many peoples pay by months. this is typical to new recruits all over the country, and its the pay hq in glasgow (run by civil servants, say no more) which we all have to wait for to get things sorted in the end of the day.

whats more is the changeover to new pay system which unfortunately will no longer allow cadets to get cash payments in advance or after training. this is an c*nt, especially for students!

so this changeover has been phased, and as such the pay staff have been running the 2 systems concurrently - the original one to ensure we were getting paid, and the new one to satisfy army admin who have been conducting annual inspections over the past 6 months. in turn this has doubled the amount of work they have to do so cut your pay clerk some slack, and if anything, be extremely pleasant to them, they are forever stuck in their office and a bit of appreciation never goes amiss! it may even mean you get paid sooner than the rest!
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