OTC pay scams

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Stonk Rigid, Mar 20, 2003.

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  1. I thought I would post this message to see if past and present members of the OTC have had the same problems that myself and other OTC members have had.

    Is it legal for those in higher authority to take your name of paysheets or to distroy them, even after you have done the work or attended the training?

    On frequent occasions our OTC has not paid cadets because the powers that be have changed their mind after the fact. On other occasions many of the officers have been signing on for days that they did not attend or only turn up after work for a few minutes. It has also been apparant that FTRS officers have been taking courses that they don't need but do it because they are in a TM role or similar and can get away with.

    Commenst and experiences very welcome.
  2. It is illegal to destroy pay sheets that have been signed off - a days work  = a days pay.  If you fancy causing a stir contact SIB.
  3. Line_grunt, cheers for your last comment. Where can I get details of how to stir up some interest from SIB? I need information on legal stuff about pay.
  4. Matt, I know the OTC does not do the same work as they deserve for their pay. I joined the OTC in order to try and pay my way through university.

    There are many others like me and it is only fair they get they pay they are promised for the work and committment they put in.
  5. Re contact for SIB - depends where you are based?  

    Try your admin office - if you have a friendly chief clerk or try and sneak a peak at the military phone directory - it will have the contact details in there.
  6. There is a criminal offence of "False Accounting" that is comitted by anyone altering an account to there own credit or someone elses disadvantage.

    The problem any investigator would have is proving that the accounts existed in the first place and you have not been left off "by accident".

    My suggestion is a chat with your friendly local Modplods who can tell you the full score. They will be in the civy phone book or the local Police station can give you the address and phone number.

    Be advised that these are serious allegations and I wouldn't advise you make them unless you are prepared to put your money where your mouth is. :-[

  7. I've yet to experience officers/pay clerk withdrawing wages or even pay sheets, but I know that there are a few officers (2Lt's mainly  :mad: ) that sign on for days that they did not attend, or signed on for days instead of hours.

    Something that you should check are the MTD's of those individuals.  In TA they are restricted, if they go over their allocation then they simply don't get paid.  This is done by computers, not individuals.

    Only the CO can retify. :)
  8. When I was in my annual MTD count was between 110 & 149 not bad for the OTC, I take it now I'm working and about to transfer to a TA unit I better not expect this amount of income...? :?

    If the question is "How the hell can you get so many MTD's...?" just look at the Thread "Student Summer Job etc"

    Despite the name of this thread all MTD's were totally kosher... Honest Guv
  9. While Ocdts rarely really earn the amount they are paid if something is advertised as a paid event then it should be paid for. Changing your mind afterwards only leads the Ocdt to think you are a. incompetent or b. dishonest the two fundamental principles that are supposes to be against an officers code of practice.
  10. I think another issue is the tax issue. I've been taxed £1000+ over the last year, yet I'm tax exempt as a student. I should be able to reclaim this, but I can't get a tax form for love nor money. I'm having to go outside the OTC to sort this out!!! And I'm a third year student, so the new first years don't even know how this system works, so we're all losing shedloads of money! Not to mention the fact that I get about £40 for 24 hours of getting beasted around the Brecons. And yes, even the OTC does go to the Brecons sometimes (MSUOTC JUO cadre 2005).
  11. The tax form we were given at my unit was just a standard inland revenue tax exemption form, can't you just goto your local tax office and ask for one?
  12. I'm in a similar situation, although not quite as much money, FSA hasn't got back to me as yet. Let me know how you get on.
  13. R85 I think Gents. Just ring the tax office.
  14. You will find that your not actually exempt... The old form we used to sign each year stated that we thought we would earn less than £4500 or what ever the level for tax was in those days hence we were not taxed. However at the end of the year if we had earned over the limit for paying tax we had to pay it. This created some problems with chaps having to find a few hundred quid from somewhere. As a student you understand this could be a bit of a problem. As I understand the system now you should pay tax on any OTC earnings that put you above the monthly level for your tax band. So if OTC is your only job and you do two days a month you should not be taxed on it if however you do 20 days your going to be taxed something. However if you do 2 days the next month you may find that the tax man gives you a little back that month to balance out what he took previously in an effort for no one to owe anyone anything at the end of the year. All of that is only true if OTC is your only job. If however you have some other form of employment and OTC is classed as a secondary job then you should be taxed on all OTC earnings and at the end of the year you can show P60's from all jobs and claim back what you are owed, see you tax office for this as they are actually very helpful (nice chaps gave me back 250 beer tokens one year). It's a much better system as you guys don't get stuck with a tax bill at the end of the year after doing 150 days and not paying any tax.

    Also stops folk like me calling you tax dodging student scum.
    Now you have the honour to be just student scum :D
  15. Also I paid £1800 in Tax last year and i'm on a reasonable amout of dosh.. I'd like to know how many days you have managed to do before they are taking over a grand off you???? You got another job too??