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OTC Orders of Dress

Yet another wee query from your friendly Australian exchange cadet (My Chain of Command is being as useful as a wet tissue with my questions, even the initial suggestion of going on exchange was met with a "Oh well...I certainly think its possible, we'll look into it" by the 2IC)

What Orders of Dress do you lot end up in with the OTC? Just wondering how much baggage i should be packing to bring up, and how much I can piss off into a wardrobe of some unlucky friend or relative for 6 months.

The ones we are issued and use in our University Regiments are,

2A Ceremonial Parade Dress
2E General Duty Dress
2F General Duty Dress Long Sleeve Shirt
4A Barracks Dress Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform (DPCU)
4B Field Dress Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform (DPCU)
6B Mess Dress White Jacket


However, if you lot only wear 'Combats' (what we call DPCU), then that saves me a crapload of weight, shoes and assorted rubbish that goes with poly dress or ceremonial.
Find out who where you're going, google them, ring up and ask the adjutant. No-one on this website can tell you whether you'll need your kangaroo suit or not ;)
BZ has it right, you will normally just wear "Combats" unless you are involved in a parade or competition of some sorts e.g. Northern Lights, your Mess Dress may save the the hassle of hiring a DJ over here. Don't get worked up about Barrack Dress

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