OTC or TA?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ScouseJon, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Just trying to figure out which would give me the most benefit. Whatever I choose to go for, ill give 100%. However, would I get more out of the TA than the OTC, simply because it is part of the army, or would OTC still give me the opportunity to develop leadership skills, fitness and general knowledge? Reason being, im hoping to join the forces after uni (the RMs) so what should I go for?

    Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. I would say, go for OTC, but having never done TA, you would be wise to listen to one of their opinions too. But only one. :D
    Seriously though, I think one of the main strengths of the OTC is its diversity and active social life. Sure, you might not get the training you're after (although this very much depends on: a) the OTC, and b) the TA Regt), but you'll have to relearn it all at RMCTC, or RMAS, or whatever. Take it seriously when you need to, have an absolute ball when you don't.
  3. its a tough decision that many at aber have been going through - In all honesty its been a crap year with various staff changing posts.

    you can join OTC in september it has one intake a year, it is all students it is based around an academic calendar, the structure is such that you are taught the skills of leadership - (you discover if you have the skills to be a leader after training) The onus is on officer skills. not on infantry skills, MTQ1 is a cakewalk for many, which means you might consider changing to TA, MTQ2 is a break from soldiering skills (im told) heading in more of an intelligent and thoughtful approach to field skills - you write orders not follow them.
    The officer cadets in OTC need a section and men to command you will be those men for a great deal of your time in MTQ1 not getting input into the exercises.

    MTQ2 will give you an opportunity to develop your command, management and admin that you might not see in MTQ1. Its the differnece between being a private and an officer.

    the TA has more than one intake a year - (I believe, correct me if Im wrong) Joining the TA will see you either doing your time as a private - in which case you will neither be granted dispensation for you studies nor be given opportunity to practice leadership alot of green skills but not so many transferable leadership skills. (RM will teach you all the skills you need to know at Lymptsone anyway)

    (Or you could combine the two approaches) and go to the TA as a sponsored officer, in which case you would wear a differnet capbadge, but still turn up to OTC drill nights just on a higher rate of pay (Im not sure if they do this for MTQ1's) you would get to go on attachment and exercise with your "foster" TA regiment.

    I hope that this has muddied the waters sufficiently. For my part I would suggest doing MTQ1 within the OTC to see how you get on with the guys in your intake and see if University and OTC are compatible for you - whether you want any more from the organistaion and your time at Aber (dont forget there are numerous other distractions to get involved in at Aberystwyth) The OTC is a commitment that is as strenuous as you want it to be Im not sure the same can be said foir the TA. OTC is 3 years whilst you are at university a great piss up loads of opportunities, drink, shagging (sadly lacking) etc but no commitment to catch bullets for queen and country................ Its your choice !!!!!

    errr yes I've been to the pub - so not making much sense......Find the OC or "uncy D" at freshers week or come to the selection morning and have a chat. The OC is a legend (ask Bangor coy) and a Royal Marine, He'll certainly be able to point you in the rght direction. Im going to finish my bottle of whisky and curse the stupid exbint a bit more then go to bed!
  4. ?

  5. pssst, the OTC is part of the Army (as much as they hate to admit it.)

    I believe the FFS is because there's been about 500000000 threads regarding this exact subject.

    Make your own mind up - have a chat with both options and see what suits you more.
  6. Identical thread #168


  7. Thanks for the replies. Just two questions though:

    1) When are the TA intakes?
    2) What is the FFS? French foreign shaggers? Only joking, should have searched around a bit first sorry.
  8. Phone your local Regt and find out. I think it varies.
  9. UOTC's recruit during freshers week and for a week or so afterwards.

    Most TA units accept potential recruits throughout the year as there are regular CMS(R) courses, there are of course exceptions to these rules.

    as said before get in touch with your nearest unit that interests you and they'll be more than happy to give you the info you need.
  10. For Fooks Sake
  11. Consider the following

    1. Bounty rates are higher in TA
    2. How far will you have to travel to UOTC, there may be a TA unit round the corner
    3. Do you want a commission in the TA?
    4. 2 week camps might not fit in with term time with the TA
    5. In the TA you get to meet a border spectrum of society
    6. The chances for adventure training are similar, but you get the chance to do it sooner in the OTC (If you join now, they are not going to let a scroat crow do the Regt skiing trip, but with the OTC you stand a chance!
    7. Consider how much fun it is with the competitive nature to demonstrate leadership in the OTC as apposed to the ability to mong it as a tom in a TA unit.
    8. Take a year out and do an op tour. Can only do this in the TA (as I understand it, but willing to stand corrected.
    9. OTC are all set up to get you through the door in a very compressed timescale compared to many TA units. Give the OTC a bash till Easter and then visit a few TA units to transfer as a tom.

    Lots of reasons for doing either, as previous post, make sure you do at least one of them.

    Having spent 5 years OTC and 15 years in the TA, I wished I had not bothered with so much time in the OTC, but that was in the 80’s and I hope it has changed now.
  12. Good points Mercedis
  13. Good and balanced points although i suggest that chances for adventure training are far better in the OTC than in the local TA unit.
    Personally my advice would be for god's sake join the OTC, especially if your thinking of going regular on leaving university. You only have the opportunity to be in an UOTC for that short time spent at university and have the rest of your life to soldier properly... the OTC is an experience all of its own, it will give you a taste of basic soldiering but it will also give you many many other opportunities and it is essentially fun.

    The TA is a serious organisation that has a serious role to fulfill but the quality of its training can be massively variable and differs greatly from unit to unit. Remember you can join the TA after university having served in the UOTC and you will have lost very little, the reverse is not true, and if you go want to go regular your experience at university will professionally count for little to nothing once in the job but the OTC will help you prepare for RCB or RM POC.

    Lastly which university are you going to?
  14. but the TA is a bit **** in aber and some of the guys are grade A tw@ts (our old PSI almost smacked one of them), although one of the girls is dead fit...

    Personally think once you sample university life you'll banish the thought of the TA as there is too much going on (unless your a social hermit- god forbid) at aber. I would go for the OTC as its god fun and it should be a darn sight better this year as the advanced shall have their fingers pulled out in order to facilitate this.

    Ill be there with uncy D on the freshers fayre at the sports cage (and around campus) on the 27th of sep (come early to get all the free sh1te from the other stalls).

    Vonny B (.:M-F:.)