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I am currently in the UOTC and would like to progress to Officer level.
I am currently in my first year at the OTC and would like to become a Officer in the OTC. After University I would like to join the Armed Forces, probably Infantry, maybe the Royal Signals.

What are my options, and what are my best interests for all this?

Obviously I will be speaking to my OTC on Wednesday about this matter but I am after routes, options and advise from people who have done it or are in the know.

Finish your training (whatever MTQ3 is called now) then go to the TACC. Unless things have changed in the last few years you have at least another 2 years to go until you are anywhere near ready to go on the TACC, that or you could try for a scholarship.
I am sure the good people in your OTC will point you in the right direction.



You need to:

1. Register your interest in a commission with your local ACA(O) as soon as possible. You will be put in touch with him/her by your UOTC. This will start you on the process of interviews, AOSB briefing and AOSB main board.

2. Attend training and pass MLDP 1 & 2.

3. Pass AOSB main board.

4. When you've done these, and have the appropriate recommendation from your UOTC, you can then do Module 3 and then the TACC, after which you should be commissioned onto the strength of your UOTC.

5. Simultaneously with step 4, you can apply for the regular Commissioning Course for after you graduate. You will then agree a date when you will start at Sandhurst.


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