OTC MTQ3 - trained soldiers?

Dear All,
can some guru help me out with a recruitment query? I have recently become the recruiting NCO for my CS company and am learning everything as I go along, however I am booked on ARC, DCCT and TRHJ courses in the near future where questions like this will hopefully be explained.
I have a potential recruit (or SuT) who left the OTC two years ago after passing his MTQ1, 2 and 3. Do these qualify him to be considered a trained soldier - albeit without CBRN or would he have to go through TSC(A) and TSC(B)? Could we give him a weekend on CBRN to bring them up to speed?
I would ask the PSAO but he has retired and we are waiting for a new one. Regiment is run by Regs who after ten years being a composite regiment, still do not understand the various strands of the reserves and looked like rabbits caught in headlights when I asked.

Any help would be much appreciated.
As mil training varies betwen OTC units MBE, and different emphasis seems to be placed on infantry versus more special to arm training, I would be inclined to have a word with the permanent staff at the unit. I would be pretty sure your applicant could have no sensible objection to this.

Find your UOTC - British Army Website
Contact your RTC, they are subject matter experts in this.
As BB says contact your RTC though a suggested course of action would be to get him put onto a refresher w/e at the RTC then if he's ok send him onto hisTSC(B) which is where all the CBRN is now conducted.
He is within three years of passing MTQ3 so he is a TS.. albeit without the CBRN...

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