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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by scotscop, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. Im holding to the belief that the OTC section could b redeemed by a new moderator. This is no way official, just being nosey.

    NB: Options are alphabetical
  2. I vote Mr T.

    I don't think a new mod will be at all be redeeming and will just be another fruitless attempt to 'save' the forum, that in all fairness isn’t actually in need of a regime change.

    People dislike the OTC forum because of the people, not the moderators or forum itself, or even the topics. As much shite gets posted in the Naafi, just by the older, longer standing members who you can’t tell to wind down, because they accumulate more force than the moderators themselves.

    I will say it again – respected, active and intelligent moderators are needed, throwing more ******* into the mix isn’t helping no one. How many mods are there? 20+? You only need 10, and I think they would be struggling to find 10 decent mods who tick all the boxes out of the current bunch.
  3. I honestly think you should adopt a chimp from London Zoo and allow that to be a mod for the OTC, and possibily the whole of ARRSE. Make a nice change from some of the chimps already mod'ing it on here (I'm in a right strop at the mo.....).
  4. Let me see? you want mods or not?

    why do you think 10 is all we need? some have more time than others to"mod" how would you mod any board on this site then? as you must have an idea?

    care to expand on why mods are "*******" and this is several times you have gone on about "mods". you sure you do not want to be one and it's mod jealousy creeping in. :lol:
  5. Come on, you can do better than this cowboy! Show me seven times i have gone on about mods in the past say.. 3 months and backup you allegation.

    Why aim to be a mod? The longer standing members have much more respect, dare i say(!), and more power on this forum than a good 60% of the mods.

    Must i? Not being a mod, or having much aspiration to be one, i wouldn't know, but whatever your approach is now, it doesn't seem to be working.

    Don't try and play it off as envy chum, as right now there isn’t much to be envious of!
  6. when you quote someone it is best to do it right! i said several times not seven.
    just by your response it does seem to be working.

    i will also give you a clue about use of smilies..when you see one smiling during a post it generally means having a laugh etc.don't take it so serious... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. You managed to avoid most of the questions and issues there, nice going, you are a good mod after all!

    My faith in the mods of ARRSE is reassured no end now!

    (I am still waiting for the several references to poor modding posted by me before or at the time of your post accusing it)

    Where is the 'twanker' emoticon?
  8. Can't say I like or dislike the OTC posters or anyone else on planet arrse, reason being I've never met any of them, 99% of the stuff on here is bollox (including my own posts :lol: ) so lets not get too carried away folks.

    If the OTC'ers want to chip in on other threads, crack on, don't get put off by the senior arrse members, everyone needs taking down a peg or two once in a while.

    I was given the following bit of advice by my Plt Sgt prior to leaving Depot and joining Battalion......which you can apply to posting here I suppose.

    "show a bit of respect to the senior Toms and NCO's.............as they have been there and done that, you will get fcuked about so take it with a smile. However, don't take any 'serious' shit...........chin the cnut, they will respect you in the long run"

    ..........I tell you what..........he was spot on.:lol:

    (...........I've just re-read the above, I'm a patronising cnut:lol: )
  9. I'd have left patronising out of the above :D :D
  10. Manc Monk

    I am the uber puppy baiter.

    I started winding up the little buggers. Check my recent threads: I took on the combined brains og the OTC while having a crap and rolling a fag, and shut them all up while doing the paperwork.

    However I dont want Mod responsibility because I am too immature.
  11. Things were going from bad to worse for MDN. It wasn’t merely his unhealthy fixation with going ‘Sausage Side’ with the postman and his internet chum Richie, but he was having problems with his day-to-day work as well. At first he didn’t mind using devious means to swindle old folk out of their life savings by tricking them into investing in right-dodgy mortgages, insurance products and other scams but after a few years of this he was starting to have doubts. Things used to be different in the old days. As an AAC petrol pump attendant (class 4) when he had loads of hoses, high pressure valves and grease everywhere – life was easier. Turn up for work, avoid PT (and anything to do with guns – ooh scary!), get to hangar and start pumping. When no-one was around he could even get away with the odd self-inflicted gas nozzle enema (although his heroes – the pilots – his lovely boys - had been complaining of foreign bodies in the fuel tank of late) and that was basically his life. Not being promoted for 9 years never bothered him either – who needs it? Get promoted and you might have to interact with real people, ditch the hoses and pipes etc. No point. But it wasn’t to be. After his **** signature was identified on numerous high pressure apertures he was binned from the AAC. What would he do? No more government sponsored botty adventures! TA was no better – they didn’t even have hoses. Worse, they expected him to go outside in the cold, carry a big backpack thing, a radio (not even tuned into 24hr Shipping Forecasts or Gerbils FM !) and a gun! Final straw - they wouldn’t even let him wear his flight suit in the bar. How else was he going to impress the young boys? TA had to go. But then came the internet. The answer to all his prayers! It didn’t matter that he’d invested all his money in a ‘mansion’ in Florida which had promptly sunk into a swamp and was now overrun with Alligators. It didn’t matter that he was still a virgin (apart from his huge and enormously battered ringpiece). He never complained that the ‘Merc’ he bought was actually three different cars (was the middle one a Mini Metro?) stuck together – at least it had the right badge on the front. Now finally he had some friends. Richie, Spunkface and Brighton Brenda were his kind of people. They weren’t going to waste their time going outside in the real world. They knew like he did that that was dangerous. Oh no. This was almost as good as Dungeons and Dragons. Just like when he used to be a 7th Level Wizard and cast botty penetrating spells all day with impunity he could now pretend to be big hard and macho and get away with it as a grown-up. This would make up for all those nights, alone, looking for his 3 inch thick glasses, oiling the spokes on his wheelchair and crying along to Chris de Burgh in the dark. Now he could be someone! Instead of spending hours teasing his few remaining wispy grey hairs across his shiny pate and picking his nose he could pick on some people on the internet! Oh he laughed when he remembered some of the things he posted: His piece of swamp became a “six bed villa”, his wreck became “a merc” (I’ve got a Merc! I’ve got a Merc!) and his puny pathetic wasted body became a magnificent fighting machine. He had the patter down perfect – chuck in a few put-downs. Hope there’s no reply. If there is - get other bitter and twisted lowlifes to help out. If it still doesn’t work threaten to fight them! He’d realized that the easiest thing to do was to attack the youngest, least experienced people on the net – much less chance of a comeback. And they folded anyway after a few threats. But still the unease remained. Did it make sense for him to spend all his waking hours playing with the computer? (and not even just cruising Gayday with Richie either) Was it at all nonsensical for a pathetic sad old fool to be saying “I’m gonna take you round the back of the bikesheds for fisticuffs” “My dad’s bigger than yours.” “Do you want to see some puppies, little boy?” to a computer? At least “I’ve got a Merc! I’ve got a Merc!” made more sense then that! Minging Dung Nonce had some thinking to do. How would he resolve his problem – Wit? Humour? A radical re-assessment of his life? “I know! I’ll just threaten to fill someone in!” :D
  12. Jumblie

    I think this is about your first cogent post. Bit long, but B+ for effort.
  13. Nice to see that this thread has gone from proposed new moderators within this pox ridden forum to entire site moderation Policy et al.

    Luvverly, a bit of decent debate for once!
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It is nice to see the tax payer's money isn't being wasted on degrees in Surf Science and Sociology with English Joint Honours. Some of the contributors are even making ventures beyond the monosyllabic. It makes a nice change on the forum as the level of debate sank after the ACF members decamped.

  15. I've noticed some of our single brain celled compatriots have stopped posting, mission accomplished?
    MDN, BB, Gunny etc; does this constitute success in your eyes?
    It has also come to my attention that the two mods for the OTC site haven't really defended themselves, where are Niteventure and U_Q?