OTC Medical Standards and Appeals process

I was contacted by the father of a friend of my son, and seeking my help. As ex RAF, I have little knowledge of the army reserve and OTC recruitment process, hence why I'm enquiring here.

Both lads knew each other at school - both pretty fit, good sportsmen etc. They both joined the OTC in October and had their medicals a month or two later. His son has been medically declined, but no reason given. Apparently there are absolutely no 'triggers' on his NHS notes and nothing was identified during the medical last year. Like my lad, as rugby players at a school that takes the game seriously, they also underwent rigourous cardiac screenings at school, as happens these days.

Unfortunately, apart from being given the bad news, there's no further information provided. The OTC staff said that he can appeal (in 12 months) but has to have fresh evidence to take an appeal forward. This is tautology - without knowing why he was declined, how can he appeal?

Are the evaluations of the medicals a 'tick-box' exercise or are 'proper' service medical officers involved in the process?

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