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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Will.I.Am, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Well uni has well and truely dropped the bollock on this one. I have lectures up until 7pm on Tuesdays starting next month!

    As such I wont get to see my second year out at ULOTC.

    Rather then chuck the towel in can anyone tell me about transfering over to my a local TA unit ie whats required from my side/OTC side before I bugger off to the factory at the end of the degree next year?
  2. Would be much easier if you had mtq2 methinks :/
  3. Miss lectures and use the photocopier!!!
  4. If you're going to Sandhurst next year anyway why not just bin the OTC/ TA, grow your hair, develop an exotic beard, explore the mystical world of strange herbal roll-ups, date a dirty posh hippy-chick called Cressida and lock-on to a tree in front of a bulldozer and some bailiffs? Live in a squat in Hackney, sell the Socialist Worker at weekends and have a very skinny dog on a length of twine? Discover how many lentil recipes there are?

    Then shave your hair off, have a bath and become an avenging warrior avatar of HM Forces (or the RLC).

    You know it makes sense, take a walk on the wild side.


  5. Cadet Nazi :)
  6. I've just finished my first year at uni and mtq1 at otc. I have transferred to a TA unit so i can do their training as well as going to OTC to do mtq2 under the TASO scheme. Oh bollox, just realised this doesn't help at all as you cant make OTC nights...I'll get me coat.

    But seriously if you can wangle doing mtq2 with otc it's much quicker, doing the TA version (i think) entales about 10 weekends and you must turn up to every weekend in order to pass, needless to say, the DS are unlikely to care about lectures, work, drink, sex etc.

    Alternatively, i have a mate who did his mtq2 on a residential 2 week course or something over the summer.
  7. TAPO (TA Potential Officers) course is the two-week residential quickie.

    Contact ULOTC (adj) about it when the time comes. In my day there were two a year. I noticed the ULOTC website advertising the upcoming date, so that's a good place to look.
  8. Alternatively, though it's at the other end of the year, CUOTC does a one-week MTQ2 course over Easter. Partly meant to fast-track those who are a little ahead of the learning curve, partly used as a revision/retake opportunity for those who messed it up the first time around. They take people from other OTCs on it as well (and TA OCdts too).

  9. I might drop the Adj a line see if ULOTC do 2 week MTQ course.

    Cheers guys